Unveiled: New Cover for 3rd Edition of Yellow Dawn

Borja Pindado creates an epic scene of post-apocalyptic action adventure, steeped in the potent mystery and thrill of investigating H.P.Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos

Borja is one of three artists who have been working on the Yellow Dawn project since I started writing the new 3rd edition in January (2015).  With a deal on the table from Modiphius (Achtung! Cthulhu) under their license with Chaosium for Call of Cthulhu products, the 3rd Edition of Yellow Dawn has been written to work alongside CoC 7th Edition rules.

I briefed Borja to create a scene that conveys the idea of the Earth becoming a “new wilderness”, littered with the ruins of Dead Cities where strange and alien horrors now lurk.  I wanted the cover to convey a blend of scavenged military equipment and medieval revivalism.  And beside all this tactical gear, firearms, leather armour and bows, there is the raw awakened power of the Road Mage wielding an old magic.

Dead Cities are where scavengers go to risk their sanity and their mortal life for plunder.  But the world of Yellow Dawn includes a vast, almost limitless range of genre and style of play. From the high-octane, high-technology and low street culture grime of Living Cities with their Cyberpunk glare, through to cautious investigations among rural settlements that cling close to the boundaries of these rare Living Metropolises.  And beyond, into the deep plunge of the unknown New Wilderness, along lonely roads and over rugged terrain, to where survivors have been cut off and isolated for a decade or more, since the apocalyptic event known as Yellow Dawn first struck the Earth and ushered in the Age of Hastur.

Here’s the new cover:

Yellow Dawn The Age of Hastur written by David J Rodger - 3rd edition artwork by Borja Pindado

Learn more about Yellow Dawn here: http://www.davidjrodger.com/yellowdawn.htm

Cyberpunk Tech Today: Rocketmen Buzz Dubai

Ok, so no lasers or miniguns strafing buildings and vehicles, but this shows the tech in a very nice context.  Would nicely fit into a Cyberpunk story.


Words and pics of my experience in Dubai: https://davidjrodger.wordpress.com/2010/02/13/travel-dubai-february-2010/


Like Cyberpunk / Science Fiction in the Near Future?

Iron Man Project Cyberpunk Sci Fi book by David J Rodger

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Wrapping up Frome Festival With Some SciFi Dark Fantasy

I was a guest of honour at Frome’s SciFi Event

Fantasy reading room upstairs at the Three Swans in Frome - used by Sci-Fi Evening

Fantasy reading room, Three Swans, Frome

The week long Frome Festival, deep in the fertile, post-industrial landscape of South West England, came to an end yesterday.  Hugging the final few hours was the Frome Science Fiction & Fantasy event held at the fantastic upper room of the Three Swans. The room was crowded with objets d’art and eclectic furniture, including baroque pieces, skulls and a unicorn head mounted on the wall; it all resembled something out of a scene from the movie Sir Henry At Rawlinson End, or, more appropriately, the eccentric collection of a Mind from one of Ian M Banks’ great starships carefully rendered and put together for us fleshy creatures to savour.  There was certainly a buzz in the room.  The mood expanded and maintained by the tribal low res psychedelic trance  oozing through the speaker system.  Superbly well-organised and presented, with John Walton – blacksmith, shipmate, radio presenter and writer – doing a Stirling job of keeping the dialogue going.

Dante's Fool a crime thriller with occult horror twist by David J Rodger (2)

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