Game thoughts 23rd August

Do we go back to the entrance and get some mirrors to fend off the lantern archons? It seems likely also that only magical weapons will harm them and that they will sit outside of melee range. What magical missile capabilities do we have: Z’Stas bane and magic missile, Ani Produce Flame….

Party Leader

Seems to me that the party could do with a defined arbiter/final decision maker for group activities. This could avoid long, drawn-out discussions about what to do next that we’ve been having and the general dissatisfaction when your opinion is not heard. It would also focus that person on making a responsible decision for the whole group rather than simply trying to each make our own point. My suggestion is that we appoint one player as leader , rotating leadership for each session. That way we all get a stab at it. I for one am fed up with long discussions and disagreements on stuff. Anyone agree or got better ideas?

Jair Hamlet Chronicles – RT 11th August 2010

So we’re back in time (again).
Travelling West with a Dalleon d’Cannith (Royalty)
Hitched a journey with a bunch of Hobgoblin mercenaries from the Rhukaan Taash clan, a large military force.
Got embroiled with some dubious military politics that ended up us seeing two hobgoblins court-marshalled and executed (to silence them).
We nearly got silenced ourselves.
We’ve gotten out of there and are continuing our journey west.
But we’re still in the PAST.
In the present, all of us bar Annie are unconscious and captive…

Oh yeah, Annie swapped out her wolf-hound dog for a big fek off Gorilla.

19th July: ambushed in the wilderness- trust no-one!

I said to Jair ‘I’m nervous about this trip to the Mournlands’ mainly because I was concerned about being there. So we hired the only fast transport in Rhukan Draal and he turns out to be less trustworthy than a goblin with 100 gold and a ticket on the next lightning rail to Sharn! I was getting twitchy when I saw the unnatural bird circling overhead on our jounrney when Failand drives us into the wood, jumps out of the vehicle and hightails it, and out of the bushes emerge a war party of evil looking types – all fancy face masks and symbols and spells splashing over us all. Poor Broc and Z’Stas got the worst of it, and seeing those odds Ilar and I made a break for it, better for the choice of freedom over capture. Luckily woods are my friend so it wasn’t long before the pursuers were cursing behind me. I hope they choke on their pretty catch. Now what do we do?

Airship piloting

The best prestige class to actually fly airships is the Windwright Captain.

The self-proclaimed masters of sky and sea, the windwright captains are the finest pilots of airships and wind galleons on Eberron. While many heirs of House Lyrandar are competent enough to helm airships on cargo trips or simple passenger runs, windwright captains takes piloting to another level. Explorers, daredevils, and innovators, windwright captains are hotshot pilots always looking for an excuse to show off what they can do.

The earliest that a ship could be (personally) acquired is 9th level through that route. Alternative you could buy a ship outright… roughly 100k gp… which by the game guidelines might mean you’re 17th level before you get one.

The easiest route into a Windwright captain is as a bard. Though it can be done other ways. Entry points could be:

  • 7th level Bard
  • 4th Swashbuckler / 3rd Bard
  • 3rd Swashbuckler / 3rd Rogue / 1st Sorcerer (which would be interesting)

Another option for prestige classes could be the Storm Sentry, which would suit the fighting aspects better. Or you could go down the Dragonmarked Heir route and become a true merchant prince, not a pilot, but a commander/leader in house Lyrandar.

These are all obviously long term game plans, but something that could inspire and help with the roleplaying.

Jair Hamlet Chronicles – RT 28th June 2010

We’re all back in Sharn, selling off what we’ve found and don’t need.

The Creation Schema is of interest to Lady Aladrin. Her message back to us is intercepted. We meet at the Broken Anvil and she warns us we’re all in danger.  She employs us to head to Mournlands to White Hearth to find more pieces of the creation schema.

A war forged called Scimitar attacks our meeting with 6 Kobolds. I talk him into confusion. We depart for the lightening rail… Annie tries to launch an attack against Scimitar and Rasp in their hideout but backs away from it as a bad idea.

It’s East we go.

Jair Hamlet Chronicles – RT 24th May 2010

RT: 24th May 2010

Team searches through warehouse building and find a number of goodies but no real clues.

Return to Sharn, via Rote, collecting the Schema and passing it onto our original client: the lady A from House Cannith

We advise her we know of another Schema; she’s mildly interested in it.

We head back down to sewer system with magic to melt a stone column and recover the Schema we know is hidden there.

Something monstrous, an aberration, attacks us.  Stasz does an outstanding job of blasting it to death with his baned-up crossbow.

We recover some old armour and weaponry along with the Schema and get the heck out of there.


() Go up +1 Level

() Confirm payment for 2nd schema


  • Roland Eckhardt is going to investigate the “older version” of Blayze
  • What happened to the young boy we rescued “38 years ago”?
  • What ever became of the Titan?