Synthetic form, hyper-reality objects for the Cyberspace of tomorrow

Josef Schulz creates structural composites of real life that leave the mind uneasy and disoriented – welcome to the landscape of tomorrow’s children

Synthetic Form - Hyper reality objects for the Cyberspace of tomorrow - image Josef Schulz

Colour * Form – hallmarks of Josef Schulz

Born in Bischofsburg, Schulz now lives and works in Düsseldorf.  His work with synthetic, perfected form, abuts perfectly onto the role of Dijims, and their fusion of innovative photography, digital design and virt engineering (click for more data).  Continue reading

Cyberpunk Tech Today: Rocketmen Buzz Dubai

Ok, so no lasers or miniguns strafing buildings and vehicles, but this shows the tech in a very nice context.  Would nicely fit into a Cyberpunk story.


Words and pics of my experience in Dubai:


Like Cyberpunk / Science Fiction in the Near Future?

Iron Man Project Cyberpunk Sci Fi book by David J Rodger

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Young Man Builds a 40-watt Laser Shotgun

Interesting demo.  Could cause instant blindness but the damage against flesh seems like it would be minimal (sunburn) without prolonged contact.  So makes me wonder about the T-1oo’s request for a phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range.  Interested to hear your thoughts on this; both this demo and the notion of laser weapons in the future.