Wrapping up Frome Festival With Some SciFi Dark Fantasy

I was a guest of honour at Frome’s SciFi Event

Fantasy reading room upstairs at the Three Swans in Frome - used by Sci-Fi Evening

Fantasy reading room, Three Swans, Frome

The week long Frome Festival, deep in the fertile, post-industrial landscape of South West England, came to an end yesterday.  Hugging the final few hours was the Frome Science Fiction & Fantasy event held at the fantastic upper room of the Three Swans. The room was crowded with objets d’art and eclectic furniture, including baroque pieces, skulls and a unicorn head mounted on the wall; it all resembled something out of a scene from the movie Sir Henry At Rawlinson End, or, more appropriately, the eccentric collection of a Mind from one of Ian M Banks’ great starships carefully rendered and put together for us fleshy creatures to savour.  There was certainly a buzz in the room.  The mood expanded and maintained by the tribal low res psychedelic trance  oozing through the speaker system.  Superbly well-organised and presented, with John Walton – blacksmith, shipmate, radio presenter and writer – doing a Stirling job of keeping the dialogue going.

Dante's Fool a crime thriller with occult horror twist by David J Rodger (2)

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I read the first chapter of Dante’s Fool. A novel I wrote back in 1997 to 1999 and one that continues to do well. Meanwhile, the launch of Oakfield in April has brought a ton of fresh interest in my earlier novels due to the fact Oakfield is actually the “first” in the series despite its rather late (25 years) release.

Dante’s Fool is a crime thriller with a supernatural occult twist.
It was pure delight to stand there for 10 minutes reading it out. A chance for me to relive the characters and the mood of the book. When you live, sleep, breath these characters for 2 years it can be a melancholy moment to finish the book and move on – leaving them behind.

Man behind the book, quite literally - David J Rodger reading Dante's Fool at Frome Science Fiction and Fantasy Evening

David J Rodger reading Dante’s Fool at Frome Science Fiction and Fantasy Evening

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a free copy of Dante’s Fool, infact, the one I read at the gig last night, follow me on Twitter @davidjrodger or follow this WordPress blog, I’ll be posting up how to win in the next few days.

Dantes Fool a supernatural science fiction crime thriller novel by David J Rodger

Available in paperback or Kindle format

Dante’s Fool

By David J Rodger


A Supernatural Science Fiction Crime Thriller




“Atmospheric and Creepy” – The Guardian on The Black Lake



DS Louis Cloud is a tough, black, London cop, already fighting inner demons about his ability as a police officer and carrying a chip on his shoulder about perceived racism within the Force. He covers the fractures of his identity with aggression. Picking up a cold-case from a disgraced colleague, the investigation leads him into the realm of Satanism, demonology, supernatural murder and ultimately a life-changing encounter with one of the sub-princes of Hell. How much can one man take before the cracks tear everything apart?

Meanwhile, Natalya Dorganskya is running for her life. Daughter of a global-megastar, she is now dispossessed and living on high-end crime with a gang of armed robbers. Violence and death are the currency of exchange for the lifestyle and wealth she seeks. Dorganskya is a woman who does not compromise survival for compassion, no matter what the cost. And yet, like all armour, there is an integral flaw, a weakness….

David J. Rodger is a British author of science fiction dark fantasy with eight novels under his belt. He is also the creator of Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, an RPG that blends Cthulhu Mythos and Cyberpunk themes into a post-apocalyptic setting. His books are often described as intense, character driven, near-future thrillers. Compared to Ian Rankin / Colin Dexter and James Ellroy with a dose of Stephen King darkness, Rodger’s work crosses many boundaries to deliver a new and exciting fusion of ideas and genres. You never quite know what waits around the next corner. All his books are stand-alone but support each other as part of a consistent shared universe allowing you to build a deeper knowledge with every story.

Dante’s Fool introduces the concepts of Borgendrill and Akinola-Odusola, two corporations that go on to have a major gravity in Rodger’s wider universe. The book drags you through tight twists and turns so that you do not know where it will go next. Everything hangs on the characters, their strengths and their fears.



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