WiP: YD 3rd Edition

Took some time out. Editing continues apace, adjusting as play testing massages out the kinks. New, much streamlined system for Dead City runs now emerging. One of the artists working on the project just sent me a scamp of the new cover for the 3rd edition. Very excited to see the final version.

WiP: Boiling down stories, milestones and positive options for Yellow Dawn

Work in progress: I’ve written 3 out of 9 synopsis so far (Oakfield, Edge, Dog Eat Dog). Submitted them to mainstream publisher. Working on God Seed synopsis now. Also exciting milestone for Yellow Dawn 3rd Edition yesterday, will blog with more detail. Plus been approached by US games company interested in making miniature models for Yellow Dawn. Fleshing out deal and scoping first sculptures at mo. Finally, very excited to have a name deeply involved in Call of Cthulhu (30 years +) indicate an interest in writing something for the Yellow Dawn 3rd Edition – more details to follow. Watch this space.


WiP: Reduction is an artform

Work in progress: back from a long weekend in Newcastle and now deep into the task of writing a 2 page synopsis for each of the novels. Gearing up to approach mainstream publisher. Self-publishing has served me well but now it’s time to take this game to the next level. Wish me luck, please.

Boiling down 70,000 + words to 2 pages is an interesting challenge.

Meanwhile, arranging the first session of Yellow Dawn using the new 3rd edition rules (play testing).  I’ll update the rulebook with tweaks as required.  Then complete layout after the final set of artwork comes in.


WiP: now what do I do?

Rocketing out through the end of the big re-write for Yellow Dawn’s 3rd Edition I know I’ve passed a major milestone in the project.  Really good feeling.  Meanwhile, I am fleshing out the ideas for the sequel to Dog Eat Dog, working title Dead Dog Bounty (shoot me if you don’t like it).

Also working on 2 page synopsis for each and every novel. Nine of them!  Gak!!! It is not easy boiling 70,000+ words down to a few paragraphs.

Also working with one of the Yellow Dawn 3e artists on final tranche of commissioned artwork and prepping for getting into the joy of layout.

I’m also prepping to start converting a couple of existing Yellow Dawn scenarios (2nd Edition) into the 3rd Edition (CoC 7e) format.


WiP: Beta copy ordered, potential miniature figures ahead

YD3e. 7.30 this morning saw me sitting in Cafe Du Jour at the bottom of Park Street starting to tackle an issue with postscript printers and getting a distilled PDF to stop converting US Letter size to A4.  I’d have had more fun scraping my eyeballs with a cactus. Nailed it. Now have a beta version (printed hardcopy) ordered from LULU for the 3rd edition of Yellow Dawn. Very excited. Should get it next week. Play-testing ahead. Some fun, at last.

Conversations continue to evolve with the US miniature’s company that are interested in running a line of Yellow Dawn figures. Watch this space for news.


Work in Progress

Working from a cafe most of the day. Prepping a copy of YD 3rd edition ready to print (beta copy for playtesting) – weaving in some of the new layout components – minor brain melt.

Meanwhile pushing hard on PR for the novels.

Ironic and excellent moment earlier today. A woman came over to me. She’d recognised me as author of The Social Club and wanted to tell me how much she enjoyed the book and was looking forward to buying more. Nice! Especially as the whole encounter was witnessed by my childhood friend who is down visiting (working with him on the novel he is writing about his remarkable life) and my sister. We were beaming.


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The Social Club

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WiP: YD3e, end of the edit

Work in progress:

Well. That’s a weird moment. You reach the end of the final PDF, part of a stack built up from feedback by the review crew…and you realise that’s it.  No more tweaking (at this stage).

Next comes a blunt order through LULU for beta copy: a physical hardcopy that I can bring to my game group and get on with the process of play testing. We’ve not played Yellow Dawn since January. Since I started writing the 3rd edition. Mainly because after weeks of working on it all day every day the last thing I’ve been wanting to do is start playing it.  When the “dream” becomes like work, eh!

Anyway, the play testing is bound to generate some further change requests over the next few months. Meanwhile I’m collating the last of the artwork (August is the final push on this). Then I’ve got to get my hands dirty with typography and layout. General consensus from existing fans is keep YD font set and clean layout as is. Update the chapter starts to a full page intro and create some nice box-outs. The big plus is all the artwork I’ve commissioned and the fact the contents are now written to work with Call of Cthulhu 7th edition.

My deadline for delivering the finished RPG product to Modiphius isn’t until year end.

Just started dialogue with a US based company about model miniatures; they have worked with Sandy Peterson – so good scope for them working on Yellow Dawn themes.

The US screenwriter has pushed back his timetable for writing the movie. Looks like that’s going to happen over the Fall / Winter.

Snippet of daily thoughts:

Another cafe. Another grey day. Satisfies my mushroom mentality. Looking forward to seeing “When Harry Met Sally” tonight via Cannoli & Gun’s event + tasty food. If you’re in Bristol tonight get yourself along. Promises to be a good evening. Details here: https://davidjrodger.wordpress.com/2015/07/18/cannoli-gun-invite-you-to-a-movie-night-in-bristol-thursday-23-july-7pm/