Personal Blog: Return of the Mood (Almost)

Dialling in from the Sky Bunker

A biting cold day.  White sun.  But I have life support blowing warm air across my lower legs.  It’s been a long morning already. Productive. All hail polyphasic sleep.

I’m deep into the re-write of Yellow Dawn, working on 3rd edition but also have to keep my other plates spinning – all the novels to date, selling, exploring new markets, finding new eyeballs who are looking for the books I write. The YD work started 6 weeks ago but I’ve been Continue reading

That was the year that was 2014

Extraordinary year – surviving deep project pressures at work, sabbatical, release from emotional ghosts of dead parents, refocus on writing, exciting uplift in my word work, travelling, new people, deal on the table for my RPG… plunging forward through waters of opportunity

This is 2014.  All images are mine unless otherwise specified.

It starts with strangers…

New Years Eve 2013 NYE Bristol England - Alfresco Disco Secret Location Guildhall - The Emperor

The Emperor

JANUARY.  Miss G (my editor) and I saw midnight and the new year roll in at a cocktail bar in the city. We met a couple there – he was a DJ, she was his wife, and he had a 3 a.m. slot at Alfresco Disco.  They scooped us up into a whirlwind of fun. Like old days. I spent the first day of 2014 crawling into bed nuzzled by the temporary hell demons of excess. Continue reading

SNIP: So that was Christmas



After Christmas…

Hope everyone had a lovely time during the festive period. I had that rare, once a year treat, of spending two days on somebody’s sofa doing nothing but reading books. Did do “some” writing. Spent part of one morning finishing off The Howling Key, a short story I started… what feels like forever ago… two weeks? And is without doubt the hardest thing I have ever written. Will do a little polishing and then lay it down ready to become part of the new collection I am working on; a follow-up to the very popular Songs of Spheres I released back in 2012.  Have yourselves a fun-filled New Year’s Eve. Hope the hangover doesn’t waste too much of 2015  :)

PS: New novel “Oakfield” should be out early 2015.  Watch this space for updates and news on the launch party (Bristol).

Personal Blog: in a writing groove

¦ dialling in… ¦

And. Relax.

Supping a coffee freshly brewed on my stove top espresso maker aka the octagonal coffee God. Seems like ages since I’ve just sat down and spilled out some words about where I am at.  Am in the Sky Bunker, red glow of the lava lamp on my desk has recently been joined by the eerie green bulb of a new spotlamp. Rather evocative.  Life support is humming away nearby, blowing warm air onto my feet. Tis cold in this big old house.

Easing into this “writing full-time” groove. Certainly a strange existence. After so many years in a tension-coiled career, this sudden shift has left my head spinning as aerofoils work to grapple with the giddy altitude, the stratosphere of existence when using all day every day to be creative.

Certainly a luxury.

Finishing mapping out four new novels during October / November, then moved on to working with my editor on Oakfield (9th novel). Just finished that, so will be doing a sneak preview of the novel cover soon, and announcing launch party dates some time in January.

Now working on a raft of new short stories, some from the block of ideas I had on Bainbridge Island (Seattle) back in 2002. Others from the recent trip to Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Malta and Sicily. And a handful from a mad 3 o’clock in the morning snap-awake when I had 4 story ideas crash into my head like gifts from the gods.

Some of these I am making available to read now. Such as The Stones: an original piece of Cthulhu Mythos fiction. Continue reading

Discover why the neighbours of this Sci-Fi Dark Fantasy author nearly called the police on him 15 years ago

A reunion with former role-player leads to memories of an incident 15 years ago

It was a hot summer evening in Bristol and David J Rodger was with a young Zaniah and another man.  The windows of the apartment were open and when she screamed”God no please don’t kill my baby!” there almost followed a long discussion with the police.

David J Rodger and Zed share memories of role-playing games

David J Rodger and Zed share memories of role-playing games – Dec’14

Continue reading