Sat 2nd July 2011 – Yellow Dawn – primer session

To gamer crew

We have critical mass for this date.

2nd July.  Start at 12 noon until 6pm.


  • Nice Guy Tony
  • Chris Doc Toc
  • GB-Hagen

Venue – (update 24th May) Now confirmed as being Hagen’s pad.

Purpose: get back up to speed with the characters from “the settlement” who got transported to London (sans Yellow Dawn apocalypse) and start the new campaign. :o)

1st June 2011 – Game night at the Arnolfini Cafe, Bristol UK – trialling out Warrior Risk expansion rules

EDIT: Date was 31st May (Tuesday) but has now been moved to Wednesday 1st June.

Hi folks

Join me from 7pm onwards at the Arnolfini cafe in Bristol, on Wednesday 1st June.  I’ll be there with a bunch of other game nerds; I’m looking to run trials of the expanded rules I’ve written for the classic board game of RISK – drink a lot of coffee and have some fun.

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