Fan gets Lovecraftian with correspondence

Letter for David J Rodger written on Underwood Standard vintage typewriter – very Cthulhu Mythos

I had some lovely images sent through by a fan / friend in the US (Arizona). She has bested my score for sending handwritten correspondence, something I’ve been doing for a select few over recent years, by getting hold of a vintage Underwood Standard typewriter. I am now looking forward to some type written letters with a distinct H.P. Lovecraft flavour. Continue reading

Cthulhu for Kids (or grown-ups who like Lego)

Introduce your (dark) young to the mind-blowing Great Old Ones and Outer Gods of the Cthulhu Mythos

This is a great depiction of a Chthonian – one of Brian Lumely’s classic monster creations – burrowing up to destroy a city. Many Chthonian attacks throughout history have been mistakenly (or purposefully) attributed to Earthquakes – even in areas where such destructive tremors are not supposed to occur.  Kid safe? Erm, no.

Cthulhu for kids this Chthonian (Brian Lumley) comes burrowing up through Lego to say hello - kid friendly, erm no

One of Brian Lumley’s Chthonian comes burrowing up

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