A Role-Playing Game and Near Future Cyberpunk Setting

Yellow Dawn - The Age of Hastur RPG - a world of survival and Lovecraftian horror and setting for post apocalypse books by David J Rodger

An apocalypse has devastated the Earth: 10 years later…


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Positive Words

“Yellow Dawn is a gold mine of material to port into your home campaign” – Bobby Derie, The Unspeakable Oath

“I purchased Yellow Dawn simply because I love the setting” – Michael Tresca, RPG Examiner

“In all seriousness, Yellow Dawn provides the best comprehensive, multi-era Mythos ruleset I’ve ever read […]. It basically incorporates absolutely any Mythos era you’d like to play in: from Modern to Dark Ages to Post-Apocalyptic to Prehistoric, Near future to zombie invasion, heck, even to D&D or old Star Frontiers! I think that may be what you are looking for!”  – Quentin The Troll

“Yellow Dawn has a lot going for it, and, considering it is independently published, is refreshingly professional and very well put together.”MonoSTAR Games

“Complete package – an amazing roleplaying game.” Hagen Landsem

“What is great is all the resources available in the book for running campaigns, in such a way that you only need a rough story line, and use the system to roll yourself through it. NPCs, scavenged items, settlements, spells, vehicles, weather… its all there to be used to enhance the atmosphere and details of the story. I highly recommend this book for all Cthulhu players.” – Chris Halliday

“There’s a great way of generating quick adventures called ‘Dead City Runs’ which can be set up and ran in an evening without any preparation – kind of like very involved encounters or mini dungeon crawl.” – S. Pyne

“I had no idea Yellow Dawn even existed and the core book and the supplements are a great read. I recommend it to anyone looking for something that is kind of equal parts post-zombie-pocalyptic, more cyber less punk, and Mythos.”Vargr, RPG.net



Chaosium Give Green Light for Yellow Dawn Publishing Deal : Work now underway to write a 3rd edition of Yellow Dawn adapting it to be used with 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu – allowing CoC players to drop their scenarios into the post-apocalyptic horror and action adventures of my novels. Learn more…

Download an Introduction To Yellow Dawn : I’ve put together a PDF for folks who want to get a flavour of the game as a setting and a launch pad for new stories. Download PDF now




The Rule Book

Yellow Dawn role-playing game RPG for cyberpunk and Cthulhu Mythos in post apocalyptic setting, written by David J Rodger

BUY > paperback : from LULU

Primary Rulebook (2.5) This book is crammed with everything you will need to create characters and run scenarios. [] Features narrative examples of key themes • The Influence of Hastur • Medical theories on the Infection • Zombie surges • Dead Cities • Wilderness survival • Comprehensive scavenging system and how to repair or build things with resources • Backgrounds and motivations of government bodies and corporations • Computer hacking and drug abuse • High-tech immortality options • Non-human characters • Enhancements through cyberware and bioware • Weaponry, equipment and armour • Complete character generation and development system • Complex political, corporate and quasi-religious tensions • Schools of Elemental Magick, occultism, demonology, and the alien horrors of the Outer Chaos – the Cthulhu Mythos.

 Campaign Book

Shadows of the Quantinex campaign book for Yellow Dawn, revealing the secrets of what caused Yellow Dawn, written by David J RodgerBUY > paperback : from LULU


Shadows of the Quantinex { Campaign book } a major campaign for Yellow Dawn. The characters are approached by the Chief of Security for a corporate family. The job is described in brush-strokes as: counter-extortion, physical intimidation and research. The client is looking for PR damage control. What the characters discover is the monstrous truth behind what actually caused Yellow Dawn, and a trail of events and clues that leads them across the globe, and beyond, to ultimately stop events that threaten to destroy what’s left of humanity.



David J Rodger Creator of Yellow Dawn

David J Rodger

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3 thoughts on “A Role-Playing Game and Near Future Cyberpunk Setting

    • Sure! As a setting, it takes the shared universe that my novels occupy (each book builds up a deeper understanding of one single universe) and then delivers an almighty whack from a Mythos-engineered catastrophe. An apocalypse. So far I’ve written three novels that take place after this event: the survivors of it. As a game, it’s an RPG written to allow you to run scenarios set in the world of my books.

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