Winged Things Drift Down on the Star Winds to Retake Earth after the Apocalypse

In Yellow Dawn –  The Age of Hastur – minions of the Cthulhu Mythos begin to dominate the abandoned parts of Earth in the wake of the apocalyptic event

The Mi-Go, or Fungi from Yuggoth, one of my favourite alien races from H.P.Lovecraft’s stable of beasties. Intelligent and wickedly cunning when it comes to thwarting nosy humans, they worship an aspect of the Outer God Nyarlathotep.  In Yellow Dawn they take full advantage of the isolation and remoteness of survivors left in the new wilderness.  If you’re a fan of the dark mystery that can build up around activities of these brutal beings, then you may also enjoy reading the recently launched novel Oakfield – which is set many years before the event known as Yellow Dawn occurs, so is set firmly in the near future science fiction Cyberpunk genre.

The artwork is by Borja Pindado, the latest artist to join the project to create a new 3rd edition of the Yellow Dawn RPG.

Mi-go fungi from yuggoth - mythos monsters in Yellow Dawn and in the sci fi supernatural thriller Oakfield by David J Rodger - image Borja

Mi-go in Yellow Dawn – image Borja


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