WiP: Oakfield Soft Launch + YD3rd Edition

Mission Possible

Back to marketing this morning. Finished final edit on Oakfield yesterday. Could see a {soft} launch today.

Great progress with YD introduction pack yesterday, gonna nail it rest of morning.

Remainder of day to be 3rd Edition Yellow Dawn – made good progress with character creation chapter this week, albeit painfully slow.

Currently “mired” in giving every example occupation type in YD2.5 a list of skills and credit rating as per CoC7e. Plain sailing except this is the point I have to rationalise every skill that is in YD with CoC… looking to see where I can drop stuff surplus to requirement (easy) or merge into existing CoC skills (ok) or provide details of a whole new skill for players only used to CoC.

Have a great day everyone.

VIDEO Men With Sheds: Taking Man Caves To The Next Level

Follow The White Rabbit

My good friend and brother from another mother HIAB_X has been very busy. A stonemason by trade, he’s turned his hand to carpentry with a touch of geek-orientated interior design to convert a garden shed into what he calls “a multifunctional place to be creative and just generally chill.”  Fully insulated and heated… take a look inside. A bit of a surprise. I hope you enjoy.

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WiP: Changing priorities, pushing Oakfield up front

Mission Possible

Up since 4. Change of priorities today. Aware of new novel Oakfield getting pushed back by all this Yellow Dawn.

Now working on Oakfield’s final edit. I expect to post update on launch date tomorrow or early next week.

Have confirmed editor-in-chief for “Tales of Survival and Horror” – a proposed short story collection for Yellow Dawn. Good video call with him yesterday. Press release due soon.

This is where the magic happens

Glimpse of the Sky Bunker

glimpse of the Sky Bunker - where David J Rodger writes science fiction dark fantasy novels and created Yellow Dawn The Age of Hastur RPG

The Sky Bunker

This place has been an amazing zone of creativity. In the last 7 years I have completed the following products up here:

And, everything to do with Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur (RPG)

Basically almost everything I’ve ever written except for my first three novels: God Seed, Dante’s Fool and Iron Man Project.

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See what 19th Century European Tourists Were Purchasing To Protect Themselves from Monsters

1800’s Vampire Hunting Kit

Following the publication of Bram Stoker’s sensationalist novel Dracula in 1897 there was a sudden surge in the purchase of so-called “real” vampire killing kits, bought by gullible tourists or atmosphere-thrill seekers travelling to Eastern Europe. This is a nice example of one. Continue reading

WiP: things a’cooking

Mission possible

Sun sun sun – I am singing that awesome track by Caribou. It’s beautiful up here in the Sky Bunker. Light flooding in. Still cold enough to require life support however.

You know, I spend every morning sitting in a rocking chair up here. *ponders this* I am turning into an old man. You should read rest of this post in faux grouchy aged-male voice.

But the rocking chair. Mug of coffee. Notepad. Review projects and ensure priorities are still true. Adjust. Set objectives for the day that tie into wider project objectives. Protect boundaries of time but with balance for things other than writing – like having a life :o)

Today. Marketing ahead. Running the business. The fun stuff. The adrenaline buzz. Then video call with chap I have secured as editor in chief for “Tales of Survival and Horror” – going to flesh out the plan. More details soon. And an invite to take part.

I need to finish this Yellow Dawn intro pack pronto this week. Rest of afternoon is 3rd edition. Still deep into the character creation chapter. Fiddly stuff, making YD work with CoC7e. Feel like I’m having fun though.