WiP: YD3e

Yesterday wrote 14 creative briefs for Yellow Dawn artwork. Very excited to have the artist I’ve been hunting for months now, finally on board. More from him once he starts delivering. Today I am wading through the magick / occult system for YD3e.

Oakfield Launches With 5-Star Reviews

This is my most important book to date

Oakfield new near-future horror novel by David J Rodger one of his best sci fi books with Cthulhu Mythos

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Oakfield is my 9th novel and took 25 years to write. This book is important. Probably the most important book I have produced to date.  Because it represents the first in the series. Because it is my beginning, as an author, and in some way it represents an end (of this phase).

It has launched with a bunch of excellent 5-star reviews from early-readers. Here’s a sample:

Oakfield by David J Rodger is an amazing and engrossing read. Annabella Spaulding, her husband and her two brothers travel to Cornwall with a business partner/accountant friend to appraise and possibly sell their deceased grandfather’s house, which Annabella has unexpectedly inherited. The house is in an isolated position and holds a locked basement room which holds a monstrous secret – something is held inside and wants to get out. The pushy and unpleasant owners of the nearby mine show they will stop at nothing to get the house. Set in the near future, the story mixes Gothic horror with futuristic monsters whose extraterrestrial cruelties leave the reader gasping for breath. As the story’s characters develop and the problems facing them seem insurmountable I challenge you to try to put this book down! Recommended for Sci-fi and non sci-fi fans alike, David J Rodger has created a fascinating glimpse into the unknown, and has wound together family problems, romance, and horror. Fantastic!


Best book I have read in a long while 

A brilliantly gripping book right from the first paragraph. Rodger is up there with the master authors in my view but he paints vivid pictures without the excessive verbosity that we all know can be tedious. The characters are easy to visualise and the story line weaves effortlessly between, the normal, paranormal, supernatural and occult. I don’t think you will be disappointed!


A really great book. A cast of fully realised characters enmeshed in a steadily paced unfolding mystery; a mix of hope and brooding doom played out in a lonely and ancient corner of the deep West Country. This is a solid slice of modern Lovecraftian horror, and an addition to a growing list of excellent novels set in a well developed near-future world. Recommended!




Oakfield - sneak preview of novel cover of new release by science fiction dark fantasy author David J Rodger

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Tonight’s Launch Party is a Big Goodbye

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Thursday morning. I am sitting in a cafe on the harbourside, sunlight painting stonework that has been selected to fit in with the historic structures that linger here. I am working on the 3rd edition of my RPG Yellow Dawn. Tonight is the launch party for my new novel, Oakfield. My 9th book but one that has taken me 25 years to write.

This book is important. Probably the most important book I have produced to date.  Because it represents the first in the series. Because It is my beginning, as an author, and in some way it represents an end (of this phase). Continue reading

A few days in the North

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Epic few days in Newcastle. Just what my tired brain needed. Time away from writing the 3rd edition of Yellow Dawn.
So, Fury of Dracula with Pete. Road trip to Craster with Richy & Louise – seafood at the Jolly Sailor sitting on benches by the ocean – then visiting Alnwick and drifting around a Victorian train station converted into a vast book exchange, complete with original ceramic tiles and fixtures, and roaring fires in the small cafe rooms. Later that night, playing LOTR Risk and then getting metaphysical and hypothetical with Richy as we brainstorm the big changes to Yellow Dawn Occult Magic system I am planning. Very exciting.
Lots of walking around old haunts for me. Heaton and Jesus Mound. The dramatic church tower at the top of Lindisfarne Road. The potent energy fields of Jesmond Dene.
Lots to think about. All good.
Don’t forget if you’re in Bristol this Thursday (16th April) then get yourself to the Brigstow Lounge (on the harbour) at 7pm for the LAUNCH PARTY of my new novel, OAKFIELD. Everyone welcome. A free glass of wine for early arrivers and Gothic horror writer Thomas David Parker as master of ceremonies. Promises to be a good evening, wrapping up around 8 onwards with a few folks then heading up into Clifton to join Novel Nights.

That’s it.

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Marketeers Probing the Triggers to Put You To Sleep

A concept worthy of a sci-fi cyberpunk novel

We’re all aware that advertising targets our primal urges. But here’s one from box-free thinker Floyd Hayes that feels like it has been injected into an unexplored realm.

My man in New York has done it again. When he’s not batting for my sci-fi dark fantasy novels with people in the US, or running the World’s Fastest Agency, he is dreaming up diverse and intelligent ways to give company brands more exposure. This is the chap who once fired-up a high-power light projector on one side of the Thames in London, and splashed a larger-than-life naked image of Gail Porter across the Houses of Parliament – generating an estimated 40 million views for the client FHM and leading the BBC to call it “The stunt of the Century”. Continue reading