First glimpse of script for Yellow Dawn – The Movie

I had a nice surprise the other day. Contact from the US screenwriter who has been working on the idea of a movie based on the world of Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, which encompasses the role-playing game and the three novels (Dog Eat Dog, The Black Lake, The Social Club).  We’ve had a number of video calls this year fleshing out a two page treatment for the movie. Now arrives the first 6 pages. Great stuff. He’s really captured a strong flavour of Yellow Dawn and I’m more than happy to see how another mind translates it into their own vision and words. I’ve signed-off what he sent through. Here’s a glimpse:

opening scene of Yellow Dawn - The Age of Hastur movie script - draft Oct 2015

Yellow Dawn The Movie

If you want to learn more about the RPG or the books set within the frame of Yellow Dawn – just click here.






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