The menace made me too tense to sleep: review of The Black Lake by New Zealander, Dan Dixon

The Black Lake is a Cthulhu Mythos horror story set in post-apocalyptic world of Yellow Dawn

Dan Dixon is a former Senior Lecturer for a large university and previously worked for the BBC.  This is what he had to say about the novel, The Black Lake.

“I finished reading Blake Lake. Really good, I loved it. The description of Lomen and the weather were great. A mix of stark, harsh and the sublime. Definitely your use of weather stuck with me.  That is the defining point of the book.

The looming menace is also well paced.  Growing as the book progresses.  I found that I couldn’t read it at night after about half way through.  Partly through it being a bit creepy, but mostly due to the general menace making me too tense to go to sleep.” Continue reading

Personal blog: a memorable long weekend

The comfort of friends

Sharky Bones McCoy and Miss Scarlet

Sharky Bones McCoy and Miss Scarlet

I am having a lovely time. It’s 7 am on a Saturday morning. Miss G and two old friends are sleeping upstairs. Sharky Bones McCoy who I met back in 1998 and the original Miss Scarlet from 1995.  Early morning sunlight is streaming through big windows. I am sitting at the oak refectory table that has always been in my life: it belonged to my parents, and I have photos of me at this table through childhood years, birthday parties with candles in cakes and the fashion of the 1970s – that was Heaton. Then Jesus Mound from 1980 onwards.  This is where I sat when doing hateful homework for school. And in 1989 this table is where I sat when I quit my job, aged 19, to start my journey as a writer, beginning with Oakfield: a book I would not finish for 25 years, after I had written 8 others.  This table came down to Bristol in 2011 after my parents died (several years earlier) – and it occupies the dining room, pride of place.  So here I am, 2015, and 320 miles from the city I once called home.
I have been wide awake for hours.  Reaching the final chapter of Yellow Dawn 3rd Edition was like driving off a cliff at high speed. After 5 months of hard going there is now a period where I can choose to relax a little. Weirdly, I find that hard to do.  But I am trying. Continue reading

Young Man Builds a 40-watt Laser Shotgun

Interesting demo.  Could cause instant blindness but the damage against flesh seems like it would be minimal (sunburn) without prolonged contact.  So makes me wonder about the T-1oo’s request for a phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range.  Interested to hear your thoughts on this; both this demo and the notion of laser weapons in the future.

YD3e: milestone reached

YD 3rd edition. Sent off the final chapter to the review crew yesterday. Going to freewheel a little today. Next week is all about snagging and responding to feedback / change requests. Time to shift focus. Write more briefs for artwork. Finalise typography and layout.

Snippet of daily thought: Faint edges of a hangover today. Treated myself to a mini celebration last night after reaching such a milestone in the 3rd edition. This, combined with an email from the US screenwriter sending through first glimpse of the treatment he is putting together for YD; we followed up with a video call which was very positive.

Hmm. Sunlight fading. Sky Bunker slipping into shadows. I feel the harbour calling. A long walk in moody weather. Headphones on. Looking forward to the arrival of Sharky Bones McCoy today. The man from Madrid. Mr Up In The Air (almost literally).