WiP: Reduction is an artform

Work in progress: back from a long weekend in Newcastle and now deep into the task of writing a 2 page synopsis for each of the novels. Gearing up to approach mainstream publisher. Self-publishing has served me well but now it’s time to take this game to the next level. Wish me luck, please.

Boiling down 70,000 + words to 2 pages is an interesting challenge.

Meanwhile, arranging the first session of Yellow Dawn using the new 3rd edition rules (play testing).  I’ll update the rulebook with tweaks as required.  Then complete layout after the final set of artwork comes in.


WiP: now what do I do?

Rocketing out through the end of the big re-write for Yellow Dawn’s 3rd Edition I know I’ve passed a major milestone in the project.  Really good feeling.  Meanwhile, I am fleshing out the ideas for the sequel to Dog Eat Dog, working title Dead Dog Bounty (shoot me if you don’t like it).

Also working on 2 page synopsis for each and every novel. Nine of them!  Gak!!! It is not easy boiling 70,000+ words down to a few paragraphs.

Also working with one of the Yellow Dawn 3e artists on final tranche of commissioned artwork and prepping for getting into the joy of layout.

I’m also prepping to start converting a couple of existing Yellow Dawn scenarios (2nd Edition) into the 3rd Edition (CoC 7e) format.


Got my hands on beta version of 3rd Edition Yellow Dawn

First Printed Copy of the 3rd Edition of Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur

David J Rodger holding beta copy of 3rd edition Yellow Dawn The Age of Hastur not final cover

David J Rodger with beta copy of 3rd Edition – not final cover

Tangible evidence of the months of brain burn and going stir crazy since I started writing the 3rd edition. Started in January and finished the first edit near the end of July. Super quick turnaround by LULU on printing it up.  This is a beta copy so I can start play-testing with my group next month.  The cover is just some of the new artwork from inside and is not the final version.  Really looking forward to playing again. Working on the 3rd edition every day, full time, for months, meant that the last thing I wanted to do on an evening was sit down and play it – hence the massive upsurge in playing Dominion, Car Wars, Fury of Dracula (1987) and Warrior Knights (1986).

The 3rd Edition is part of the publishing deal on the table with Modiphius (Achtung! Cthulhu) under license from Chaosium.  It has been written to work seamlessly with Chaosium’s 7th edition rule set.  Another reason why I am so excited about playing it.  Massive increase in game speed and decrease in dice crunchy tables and rule lawyers. It’s all about the narrative baby!

# # #

Can’t wait for the game to come out?

Read the post-apocalyptic Yellow Dawn novels.  There are three at the moment.

Dog Eat DogBrutal, globe-spanning crime thriller

The Black LakeIntensely creepy haunting on a post-apocalyptic island

The Social ClubTense Orwellian detective story set in London as ruled by The Power of Eight


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