WiP: Friday Mop Up

About last night…

Friday was productive. Nailed some great marketing. Got first draft of viral video script from director of production company, reviewed, made comments, passed back – now in a healthy exchange of ideas, refining and making it perfect.

Met up with CH, who has finished reading advance copy of new novel OAKFIELD. Great feedback but I was looking for snags. Found a couple that correlate with what GBH fed back, which is good. So next week I’ll make time to make the required tweaks and then, whoop, a new novel will be coming out. Launch party in March.

Finished reworking back-of-book blurb for God Seed thanks to critical help from Angela Brooks and Major Seb Perry. http://www.davidjrodger.com/science%20fiction%20and%20fantasy%20cyberpunk%20horror%20novels%20by%20David%20J%20Rodger.htm#god_seed

Finished the chapter on “Building Things” for YD 3rd Edition, which I’ve been working on last couple days. Passing that on to my review crew. I’m taking the weekend off, so back to it Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone.


WiP: YD3e

Mission Possible

Fantastic fog outside the glass canopy of the Sky Bunker this morning. Atmospheric!

Couple hours of marketing this morning, then deep into 3rd edition YD – wrapping up the chapter on scavenging and moving into a chapter called Bumps & Scrapes. This used to be a core of the mechanics behind the YD system (separate from the setting) – so big changes now that I am merging into CoC7e. Hopefully a smooth integration. Will be me for bulk of the day.

Also chasing artists today, have several briefs outstanding with illustrators who have shown interest in being a part of the YD project.

Due to be reviewing script for YD viral video that came through from production company.

Also hoping to catch up with one of the bods who has an advance copy of Oakfield in his paws. Final sanity check before I go ahead with any edits or proceed with launch.

# # #