Listening to: The Charlatans – Modern Nature

Perfect sounds – hope blooms for Spring

The Charlatans Modern Nature

The Charlatans Modern Nature

I didn’t like this when I first heard it – which usually means it’s going to become something special in my collection. Sure enough, a few days later the harmonies and lyrics started to pop up inside my imagination and I sought to listen to it again. Now I’m listening to it constantly. Soundtrack to an interesting moment in my life.

It’s an album seeking positive emotions against a backdrop of darkness. Metaphorical Spring emerging from Winter.  Their drummer Jon Brookes passed away in 2014 from illness. Pete Salisbury of the Verve took over Brookes’ role, joining New Order’s Stephen Morris and Gabriel Gurnsey of Factory Floor as guests on the album. Great to have in headphone clamped to skull whilst drifting around Bristol on cold but sunny days.


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Get into a Cthulhu Fetish Mask

The Cthulhu Mythos meets Steampunk Iron – Work by Artisan Tom Howell

rubber masks - a fetish for Cthulhu - steampunk iron and Lovecraft iconography combine in artisan creation by Tom Howell

Get your rubber on – creation by Tom Howell

A lovely bit of steampunk design by Tom Howell. Brings to mind the idea of a human hybrid with Star Spawn of Cthulhu, armoured up for conflict in the coming Mythos Wars (Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur).  Or possibly this is equipment required for breathing in an alien atmosphere; the hybrids ride Byakhee to visit basalt cities similar to R’lyeh on worlds orbiting distant stars.

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