Sneak Peek: Nova Punks rage across a post-apocalyptic wasteland

Nova Punks post-apocalyptic road gangs from the world of Yellow Dawn and RPG written by David J Rodger - artwork Borja Pindado

Nova Punks. Artwork Borja Pindado

New artwork from Borja Pindado who is wrapping up the last of the briefs I sent through for the new 3rd edition of Yellow Dawn, a post-apocalyptic RPG based on the world of my books.  This image features Nova Punks, tapping into the “Mad Max” flavour that is one of many you can experience within the Yellow Dawn universe.

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New Cthulhu Mythos fanzine due to launch in Japan

Hush! Hush! Top secret.  Currently corresponding with editor of a new Cthulhu Mythos fanzine who is based in Japan. No formal launch date yet. More info when available.  Just finished final proof of MS containing short story I submitted to him, featuring a new Great Old One and weaves together some of the underlying concepts of my bigger work.  Looking good.

WiP: YD 3rd Edition

Took some time out. Editing continues apace, adjusting as play testing massages out the kinks. New, much streamlined system for Dead City runs now emerging. One of the artists working on the project just sent me a scamp of the new cover for the 3rd edition. Very excited to see the final version.

Introducing Night of the Damned by Stephen Bywater

Following the success of The Devil’s Ark, Stephen Bywater’s second novel, Night of the Damned, has been published by Headline

Night of the Damned is already winning the author further critical acclaim.

Night Damned by Stephen BywaterNight of the Damned, like The Devil’s Ark, leans towards the supernatural but instead of an archaeological dig in Iraq, the action takes place deep in the Amazon jungle in the 1930s. The setting is loosely based on Henry Ford’s Fordlandia, which was a vast rubber plantation the car magnate founded in the heart of the Brazilian rainforest. It is a tale about immorality and obsession, where very little is as it seems. Labourers begin to disappear and pale, cadaverous figures are glimpsed in the jungle surrounding the settlement. With the story partly inspired by Ford’s own forgotten city it interweaves fact and fiction and leaves the reader with an unsettling vision of a very ‘modern’ hell. Continue reading

WiP: Boiling down stories, milestones and positive options for Yellow Dawn

Work in progress: I’ve written 3 out of 9 synopsis so far (Oakfield, Edge, Dog Eat Dog). Submitted them to mainstream publisher. Working on God Seed synopsis now. Also exciting milestone for Yellow Dawn 3rd Edition yesterday, will blog with more detail. Plus been approached by US games company interested in making miniature models for Yellow Dawn. Fleshing out deal and scoping first sculptures at mo. Finally, very excited to have a name deeply involved in Call of Cthulhu (30 years +) indicate an interest in writing something for the Yellow Dawn 3rd Edition – more details to follow. Watch this space.


WiP: Reduction is an artform

Work in progress: back from a long weekend in Newcastle and now deep into the task of writing a 2 page synopsis for each of the novels. Gearing up to approach mainstream publisher. Self-publishing has served me well but now it’s time to take this game to the next level. Wish me luck, please.

Boiling down 70,000 + words to 2 pages is an interesting challenge.

Meanwhile, arranging the first session of Yellow Dawn using the new 3rd edition rules (play testing).  I’ll update the rulebook with tweaks as required.  Then complete layout after the final set of artwork comes in.