Cyberpunk Tech Today: Rocketmen Buzz Dubai

Ok, so no lasers or miniguns strafing buildings and vehicles, but this shows the tech in a very nice context.  Would nicely fit into a Cyberpunk story.


Words and pics of my experience in Dubai:


Like Cyberpunk / Science Fiction in the Near Future?

Iron Man Project Cyberpunk Sci Fi book by David J Rodger

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Iron Man Project

By David J Rodger


Fast-paced, action-packed novel with fantastic array of skilfully crafted characters.




“The universe Rodger has built is his own and with each book the lore gets richer, deeper and more compelling. The tight cast of characters play off each other well, strong dialogue and surprising twists with the interpersonal dynamics keeps the reader turning the pages”


“Really engaging characters and plenty of pace. ‘Unputdownable’ is such an overused phrase, but this is in that category.”


David J Rodger launches back onto the near-future thriller stage with Iron Man Project. Building on the shared universe born out of the popular hits Dante’s Fool and God Seed.

Iron Man Project sees Rodger stick with the gritty, brutal realism his work is known for, in this story about the private wars fought between rival groups of corporations. It is about the people who make the armies, who fund and command them, and about the victims at all levels.

Jean-Luc Korda, Head of Security for the Carthew Family – a corporate clan that spans the globe in influence and who have a significant presence in Rodger’s universe. Vincent Brent, ex-military gundog now doing grunt work for a European crime-syndicate, and looking for any way out, looking for a better role to play. Karl Grech, war merchant and corporate spy with a secret he’ll kill for to keep silent. Camille Kuehnhert, a woman enslaved by fear of failure and the accoutrements of success, who must face her demons to escape or die trying. And Lucy, a mysterious young woman on the run from her violent past and the catalyst for the collapse of the house of cards this story wraps around.

Importantly, the novel includes Joachim Marlow, an agent for the “Power of Eight Group” and provides an introduction to this quasi-mystical business cult (featured heavily in Dog Eat Dog and The Social Club).

Iron Man Project a science fiction cyberpunk thriller by David J Rodger

Available in paperback and Kindle format

If you enjoy a complex plot that is woven together with the taught, personal motivations of a myriad of stormy characters, then Iron Man Project belongs on your “must read” list.



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