Photo Log: Tower Bridge – London

Near the Scene of the Crime – The Social Club

travel photo Tower Bridge - London by David J Rodger - please credit if used

Tower Bridge, London – image David J Rodger

I was in London last month. Always a fabulous place to visit. You can lose yourself for days there.  I headed over to the Tower of London to enjoy the overlap between reality, and the fictional universe inside my head… my last novel, The Social Club, is set  in London in the near future, after an apocalyptic event has devastated much of the world.  The survivors are now under the authority of a sect, a business-cult, if you like; but 10 years after the event, the tensions that were fused into the foundations of the Settlement are beginning to appear as dangerous cracks.   It all starts with a body being found washed up on the banks of the Thames… just near here.


Read Spotlight on The Social Club – click

David J Rodger – DATA


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