Loving the EDGE buddy

I was sitting in a bar in Newcastle a couple of days ago and met somebody who is into my work. I was talking about how God Seed, despite being written 18 years ago and my first serious novel, is still doing well as a seller and continues to generate good reviews.  The conversation moved on to EDGE, which he stated was his absolute favourite. “I can remember every scene from that book.  I felt like I was actually there when I was reading it.”

And this is something he read 5 years ago.  He described how he enjoyed the fact the freezing cold weather (winter in New Zealand) and the ski/snowboard resort became like characters in themselves.  The technology being developed by the main character and the issues he goes through when all hell starts to let loose at the resort.

Nice to hear.  Might sound strange but as I get deeper into new work I lose touch with the characters and the feeling of old stories, until somebody talks about it and then it all comes flooding back in a lovely wash of nostalgia.


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“Atmospheric and Creepy” – The Guardian on The Black Lake


“…the best Sci-Fi horror I’ve read in ten years”  – Floyd Hayes, Creative Director of World’s Fastest Agency on Dog Eat Dog




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Work in Progress

Just got back from a few days in Newcastle. A lot of work on Camaraderie of Wolves. I’ve been creating blocks of bullet notes. Each block is a scene, laid out in order of sequence. I’ve got the end of the book after my epiphany last week and have now laid down all the scenes that map out the main structure. But I have a wadge of paper notes from 2 years ago which include incidental characters and the twists, turns and tensions they bring in to the plot. So now I am picking through these notes, dropping in additional scenes into the bigger structure (adjusting that where necessary). And this is now shaping up nicely into a fully fleshed out novel structure.  A few more days of this ahead of me I reckon. It would be great to have it nailed before the end of November, giving me December to focus on Rise of the Iconoclast.  Once that one is done I’ll have four books ready to start writing. I guess that will happen early 2015.

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“The best Sci-fi I have read in 10 years” - Floyd Hayes, former Creative Director Cunning (US).



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Personal Blog: In the flow of things

| Dialling in from the Wild Trapeze Cafe |

Hello Newcastle.

Nursing a mild hangover thanks to Mr Lone Pine and some late night games of Fury of Dracula last night.

Visiting friends in Newcastle but also here to enjoy time in one my favourite cafes in the world: the Wild Trapeze. Also to enjoy strolling through the streets of Heaton and Jesmond, down through the heavy woods of the Dene… roaming places that have been central to my imagination and my inspiration.

Even before I got here it’s been a great few days.  Continue reading