Photo Log: Pure London Sci-Fi

The Tower Rose Up Like A Beacon of Corruption and Devotion, to those Kissed by Avarice and Killed by Morality

Pure London Sci-Fi The Shard towards Sunset - photo by David J Rodger - please credit if used

Pure London Sci-Fi, Image David J Rodger

The newest landmark in London, continuing to evolve this City into something more sci-fi and cyberpunk than ever before. Future Gothic on the beautifully preserved and smoke charred bones of Victorian brick and ancient stone.  I snapped this on my way to the Shard where I was going to see in the sunset on the observation deck.  I was visiting London in the wake of publishing my last novel – The Social Club – which is a classic political thriller set in the near future after the world has been decimated by an event known as Yellow Dawn.


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David J Rodger – DATA


Photo log: The Hunger

One figure stands alone, surveying this world of blood with eternal hunger

The Hunger - photograph of figures silhouetted in observation window at London Shard by David J Rodger

The Hunger – Image David J Rodger

I snapped this at the London Shard.  Just a regular group of visitors enjoying the view beyond the glass but one figure stands alone, and has done for centuries…

There is something almost Conrad Veidt – The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1920) about this solitary figure’s posture.


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Photo Log: Tower Bridge – London

Near the Scene of the Crime – The Social Club

travel photo Tower Bridge - London by David J Rodger - please credit if used

Tower Bridge, London – image David J Rodger

I was in London last month. Always a fabulous place to visit. You can lose yourself for days there.  I headed over to the Tower of London to enjoy the overlap between reality, and the fictional universe inside my head… my last novel, The Social Club, is set  in London in the near future, after an apocalyptic event has devastated much of the world.  The survivors are now under the authority of a sect, a business-cult, if you like; but 10 years after the event, the tensions that were fused into the foundations of the Settlement are beginning to appear as dangerous cracks.   It all starts with a body being found washed up on the banks of the Thames… just near here.


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Impromptu Book Signing

The Social Club & God Seed get a paw print

Impromptu book signing David J Rodger with The Social Club and God Seed

Impromptu book signing :o)

This was a nice moment.  I recently met up with the CTO of a company I worked for back in the late 1990s through to 2005.  Back then I had started as an admin temp and worked my way up to manage a National Virtual Comms service: whilst every spare moment I got I was writing.  At that time I’d just finished my first novel God Seed and was then embarking on my second, Dante’s Fool.  Mr PT observed all this.  Older, wiser and successful, I looked up to him and enjoyed a sense that he had taken a bit of a shine to me.  Skip 8 years of no contact after I left the company and we arranged to meet December last year, and catch-up over a pint or three.  I told him about now having 8 novels done and dusted.  He was pleased and later told me he’d bought one: The Social Club.

So I was both flattered and delighted when we met up again a few months later to find he had enjoyed the book so much he’d gone out and bought himself another copy to give to his friend as a gift, and a copy of my first book God SeedContinue reading