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¦ dialing in from the Sky Bunker ¦

Heavy grey sky pressing low and close to the glass canopy above my head. The crests of distant hills are lost in those clouds. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was freakishly warm, a sparkling gem of a gift for this late in November in England. I was able to spend the entire afternoon sitting outside one of my daily haunts, with golden light sloping in low between the structures of the historic harbour here in Bristol.  A nice way to spend a block of writing time.

David J Rodger outside Brigstow Lounge Bristol harbour working on The Stones, short Cthulhu Mythos fiction

DJR – Brigstow Lounge – Working on “The Stones”

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WiP: CoW, ROTI and Oakfield

¦ Work in Progress ¦

Profound few days. I’ve been on fire. Literally melting the keyboard and guzzling my way through a LOT of coffee here on the Bristol harbourside. Finished the plot map for two more novels: Camaraderie of Wolves AND for Rise of the Iconoclast. This has put me weeks ahead of schedule. Means I now have 4 books mapped out and ready to write. Broken Fury; Sunder Gloom; CoW and ROTI.

This has cleared the way to start editing Oakfield, the novel I finished writing all the way back in June. Actually started last night, sitting alongside the bitch with the red pen: Oj. Great session, not too many changes needed so far.  She’s stated she’s hooked and looking forward to more.  Currently on page 32 of 163.

Yesterday also saw me working on prepping Cloudy Head, a short story I am going to be reading at Chapter 8 of Small Stories here in Bristol next Monday (1st December). Come along and hear me plus a number of other fantastic authors who are on the circuit. Cloudy Head was originally published back in 2007, illustrated by one of Norway’s top artists Kenn-Ole Moen; a kids story for grown-ups. Walking around the harbour I’ve been practising the telling of it, boiling the narrative down to essential points that I follow to weave the story together. Hence a lot of strange looks from passers-by as I breeze past with a quick loping stride… muttering to myself about Jack, a nine-year old boy who encounters a mystical figure with a Cloudy Head.

Am thinking about working on the next tranche of short stories to complete the collection I’ve been working on since last year. Already have 14 shorts (40,00o words) completed.  Was up at 4 A.M. this morning with a new idea rolling around my skull like an itinerant marble: very Cthulhu Mythos in nature although the collection spans the range from science fiction through to horror, with a blend of both in between.  Watch this space…

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Brigstow Lounge in Bristol have acquired the complete set of my novels for their bookshelf

Come and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of Brigstow Lounge, nestled in a modern development amongst the historic vibe of Bristol Harbour – and treat yourself to a comfy sit down with one of my novels. All are now available to read from their bookshelf.

Brigstow Lounge supporting local science fiction  author - Bristol England



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