WiP: CoW

Work in Progress

Just got back from a few days in Newcastle. A lot of work on Camaraderie of Wolves. I’ve been creating blocks of bullet notes. Each block is a scene, laid out in order of sequence. I’ve got the end of the book after my epiphany last week and have now laid down all the scenes that map out the main structure. But I have a wadge of paper notes from 2 years ago which include incidental characters and the twists, turns and tensions they bring in to the plot. So now I am picking through these notes, dropping in additional scenes into the bigger structure (adjusting that where necessary). And this is now shaping up nicely into a fully fleshed out novel structure.  A few more days of this ahead of me I reckon. It would be great to have it nailed before the end of November, giving me December to focus on Rise of the Iconoclast.  Once that one is done I’ll have four books ready to start writing. I guess that will happen early 2015.

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Work in Progress

| dialling in from Brigstow Lounge |

What a treat. Friday morning and the dreary weather has been swept away to be replaced by yet another day of gorgeous autumn sunlight. I’ve come down to the harbour to write. Empty blue bowl of the sky above me and a crisp breeze that doesn’t dent the warmth of the sun. Cooked breakfast at Brigstow Lounge, and now I am sitting outside with strong coffee and a view of the harbour’s heart ahead of me. Just the edge of a hangover from last night; saw Jules Holland with Ruby Turner and Marc Almond doing Rhythm and Blues. Continue reading

WIP: CoW – cracking the kernel

Work in Progress

Started to map out another novel (3rd in last few weeks) now that I seem to be in a flow and have a bunch of raw notes on paper to work from.  Camaraderie of Wolves  is going to be a new addition to the Yellow Dawn / Post-Apocalyptic collection.

This didn’t go so well at first. Got a chunk of paper notes but the essential core of the plot, the kernel that everything will spill from wasn’t there.  And my head just wasn’t playing ball end of last week. No fresh ideas. Just a dull lack of anything. Time for a break and switch off the brain. This worked! A weekend focused on physical things rather than thinking about ideas all the time. A lot of fun, some bullets dodged. Didn’t get out of bed on Sunday until 11 A.M. – me, Mr Polyphasic, Mr 4 in the morning starts, had a lie-in. Unheard of.

And blissful.

Also walked 15 miles.  1,500 calories and several hours of being in a trance-like state where you almost lose awareness of the fact your body is moving.

Cracked it this morning, walking around edge of harbour towards my favourite new hangout, Brigstow Lounge. So now I have a start point: characters who have the desire to give consumers (wealthy survivors) a vivid experience of the Dead Zone (where sane and wealthy people who never want to tread) whilst greedy corporate execs lie about risks…

Just written up the notes. Chagrin has shifted into cheery delight.

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WIP: Sunder Gloom – finally an ending that holds up to fire

Work in Progress

Nailed it!
Yesterday was another day necking coffee and squeezing my brain dry of creative juices. Then met up with Rob C (one of the original Yellow Dawn players from back in 2007) at the Arnolfini Cafe and I walked him through the final showdown. Drew some interesting diagrams on sheets of paper, stick figures and a list of “ingredients”… people, items, mythos things… and then brainstormed different ways to wrap it up.

What was really interesting was how Massimo Pandev’s character really came through as a set of behaviours and attitudes that once again dictated the way the story should go – and be concluded.

More cocktails later… Vodka Martini, dry and dirty…

Home with the trace of hangover whispering through the dehydrated corridors of my head I pinged awake at silly o’clock and had this epiphany of how to described Massimo Pandev and how to summarise his character in bullet points.  He’s quickly becoming a very real person in my head, very much looking forward to spending time with him  once I get down to actually writing the books (Broken Fury, Sunder Gloom) – probably 2015 and 2016.

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WIP: Sunder Gloom – wrestling with plot threads

Work in Progress

Deep into mapping out the whole plot structure of Sunder Gloom. Sequel to Living in Flames. Using bullet points so I can quickly grasp the entire novel and move things around without dumping chunks of valuable narrative.  Thought I had it nailed yesterday. But met up with Doc Toc, man with a mind, in a cocktail bar last night and riffed the ending off him… and it just broke into pieces. #Fail. A useful experience. Worth the hangover.

Also, strangely, woke up at 2 a.m. with Massimo Pandev, the main character, in my mind basically complaining about the direction I was trying to take the ending. I’ve had this happen before. A character gets so much mental energy it almost becomes real and starts to dictate the direction of the plot.

Part-way to insanity…

Today’s been dominated by it.Sheets of A3 paper and rapidly scribbled notes, things circled, lines drawn to connect this bit to that bit… then a partial walk of the harbour. Another cafe. Bingo. Almost have it…

Surprising how stressful this part can be.  Suddenly you find yourself doubting everything. Your ability to craft plots that keep a reader engaged and turning pages.  It will pass. I’ve been here many times before.

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