Murder At Sharky Point – fantastic review

MURDER at SHARKY POINT is a murder mystery game for 6 or more players. It can be set in any genre and takes place at the lavish and arcane mansion of Dr Black. Guests arrive for dinner, during which several conversations and observations take place. After dinner Dr Black excuses himself to retrieve a bottle of his famous champagne but never returns, and is not seen alive again. The Special Agent in Charge arrives, plus any extra players in the role of Agent-Investigators, and set about interrogating the guests to find out the person(s) responsible for the murder. Guests must ensure they’re not labelled a murderer and also conceal other secrets during the investigations.

I’ve written several of these before, typically for friends hosting a dinner party; this is the first one I’ve written for publication and I’m very pleased by the responses I’ve received.

Rather than a structured journey through the plot (which I’ve always find rather restrictive when playing boxed sets), this game gives each player the chance to properly interrogate their peers, and to be interrogated.  I’ve seen exchanges become quite heated so be prepared to back up your bluffs with solid lies.

Here’s a recent review by some chap from the US

I’ve always been a fan of mystery games and books, I own the entire collection of Sherlock Holmes and read it rather often, but before I played this I never had the opportunity to participate in a real Murder Mystery Party, so when I got invited I was quite the happy person!
Aside of being ever so slightly, okay maybe more then slightly, nervous about the whole idea it was easily one of the funnest parties I have ever been to! Especially once things really got rolling and the accusations started flying!
Practice your short hand people cause you gotta write rather quickly when everyone is at each others throats!
The packet is detailed and lines everything out wonderfully with lots of… More >twists and surprises in there that caught me by such surprise my jaw must have dropped a few times.
I loved playing and hope to play again and again! Definitely one to add to the game shelf, or bookshelf as it were.
Thanks so much for writing and making this available for us Mr. Rodger! I look forward to any more you do in the future!
By Andrew Corrieri – source LULU website

You can buy Murder At Sharky Point direct from LULU, either in print (spiral bound, tear pages out to play) or to download (print yourself, 80 pages).

FEATURES •Over 80 pages containing “How to Play”, Character Invitation sheets, Player Packs, Forensic Evidence reports. •Player Packs detail why each character is there, what their motives and secrets are. •Simply download and print it out to play. MATURE THEMES: NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN


These photos were taken at a playing of Murder At Sharky Point in an incredible house, in Bath’s Royal Crescent (UK), a place that’s almost 250 years old.


Ms Carletti and Special Agent in Charge



Professor Drum



One of the Special Agents



Ms Kovit



Ms Carletti, Col Farquar and Ms Eldritch listen to a dubious pack of lies


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You can buy Murder At Sharky Point direct from LULU, either in print or to download .