Surreal Imagery: The Drowning Princess

A young woman embraces the fantasy of crossing the threshold between life and death, flesh and a dream-like dimension

Valentina Lobeira in “Drowning Princess photo Jvdas Berra

Drowning Princess by Jvdas Berra – all rights reserved

It could be a scene from an H.P.Lovecraft adaptation – he wasn’t all about Cyclopean temples and slithering tentacles. A young woman comes across a book or a piece of jewellery that fills her waking hours with a growing sense of the ocean. A smell of brine and ozone.  The melodic, ambient calls of deep diving mammals.  Wall shuddering boom of the distant surf pounding a dimensional boundary.  Awareness of muscular, bipedal figures gently drifting amongst the shadows between fading sunbeams, their webbed hands churning up eddies of silt.  A kaleidoscope of fish zipping back and forth, glittering with reflected flashes in the dark. One night the boundaries break and her local reality is flooded by the tide of new desires.  She closes her eyes as her chest swells, calming the initial panic, knowing that this is merely the price of crossing…

What happens next could be dream or pure nightmare.

Great image by Jvdas Berra, super-talented photographer with transatlantic blend of Mexican and Italian blood in his veins. His work has featured in Vogue, ELLE, Nylon, Marie Claire, Image Amplified, Vanidades, Photography Master Class, and NatGeo. To add to his skill list he’s even written several science fiction novels.  More about Berra here:


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Arctic Forest Photo by Norwegian Hagenland Conjures Lovecraftian Scene before the Madness

Hagenland Photo Reminds Me of Evocative Artwork by Blair Reynolds in Walker in the Wastes campaign for Call of Cthulhu

Evocative photography by Norwegian Hagenland aka do6star k9 design - arctic forest brings to mind artwork by Blair Reynolds

Hagenland’s arctic forest brings to mind artwork by Blair Reynolds

SOMEWHERE IN NORWAY – 2014: My friend and partner in (game breaking) crime, Hagenland, snapped this image whilst back home. When he fired it through to me I was stunned by the dramatic mood of the image, but also by how closely it resembles some of the artwork by one of my favourite creatives: Blair Reynolds.  Specifically, this image takes me to the classic Call of Cthulhu campaign book launched by Pagan publishing in 1994 – Walkers in the Wastes.  Apart from turning me on to Reynolds’ creative genius (Dennis Detwiller too), the campaign WitW also helped forge a bond with a bunch of new players in my world that still lasts to this day… Continue reading

Science Fiction Fantasy in Photography: Archangel of Fire by Simon Berger


Science Fiction Fantasy in photography Archangel of Fire Uriel by Simon Berger

Archangel of Fire – Uriel – Image by Simon Berger, All Rights Reserved

More by circumstance than design, Simon Berger has crafted an image that would fit very neatly into a science fiction fantasy fold. Uriel, or some other agency of fire and magic, leaning against a wall in an enigmatic and very modern-day pose. Observing the world from the shadows whilst energy spills from the rent it has created in the fabric of the Quantisphere.

In truth, Berger captured this long exposure photograph with sparks from burning piece of steel wool.  You can read more on the technique via Michael Zhang’s blog on Petapixel – click here:

You can see more of Simon Berger’s work here:


If you like the idea of angelic entities dropping into our world, you might enjoy the free science fiction dark fantasy short story Hokan.


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Photography: Sergio Castañares García captures Bristol in Reflective Light

Bristol: Creative City

Bristol - creative city caught in reflective light Photography by Sergio Castañares García

Bristol – caught in reflective light / Photography by Sergio Castañares García

I spotted this image taken by Spanish-born photographer Sergio Castañares and was really taken by it. There is a suggestion of a long wait and an early morning rise to capture the shot. I use Bristol in two of my novels; science fiction cyberpunk wrapped in tendrils of H.P.Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos: God Seed and Living in Flames Bristol has the history, the age, and sense of old industry in tandem with new technology. The big machines that will one day be controlled by small devices, autonomous, self-aware.  Bristol has the money and the connections to people and places of power and influence. It also has veins of edgy chaos that bubble up interesting characters and the occasional riot: a small city with a big city attitude.

Bristol has a very active Fantasy & Science Fiction society, check them out here:



You can see a portfolio or work, make contact and read more information via his website:


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