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Fan compares my novel “Dante’s Fool” to crime thrillers by Rankin / Dexter

Great Review

It’s always a pleasure to find somebody enjoys your work but this was a real treat.  From the Customer Review section on LULU for the novel Dante’s Fool.

By Sue Pay
I’d not heard of David J. Rodger, being more of a Rankin/Dexter fan! But it was suggested that if I liked crime thrillers I try Dante’s Fool…I was hooked, really enjoyed it. Strong, believable characters and a storyline with the thought-provoking twist of the occult. I’ll be reading more of David’s books, and will definitely be looking out for the sequel to this one!
Further News about “Dante’s Fool”:
I’ve started the process of making all of my novels available to buy as paperbacks from Amazon.
It’ll be available from Amazon (Europe) and Amazon.com in the next few days, although it’s available to order now, from Amazon Create Space: https://www.createspace.com/4186837
Dante’s Fool is also available on Kindle formats: BUY > kindle: US ($), UK (£), DE (Euro)
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Planning a wedding in the South West of England – use Hagenland Photography

Boutique Wedding Photographer Based in Bristol

Planning a wedding south west England - Wedding Photographer based in Bristol Hagen Landsem

Image by Hagenland: a fantastic wedding Photographer based in Bristol, South West England

This is a shout about my good friend Hagen Landsem who has been providing a boutique wedding photography experience to clients for a few years now, and has launched a new website to show off his wares and attract new clients.

He covers both traditional and boutique wedding styles; and also offers a range of “fantasy” image options similar to this wonderfully fun, digitally manipulated photo, by Louisiana-based wedding photographer Quinn Miller featuring a roaming dinosaur chasing the wedding couple.

Fantasy wedding photographs by Hagen Landsem similar to this image by Quinn Miller of a roaming dinosaur chasing the wedding couple

If you like this Hagenland will do the same for you. Image by Quinn Miller – all rights reserved.


Tell Hagen you know me and he’ll give you 20% off (save £300 ) – if you book him before the end of August 2013.


Click here to go to Hagenland

Have your  wedding captured perfectly



Holiday bonanza – 13 days of discounts from LULU – 20th Dec is 30% off any hardback Yellow Dawn – Age of #Hastur – #RPG

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This is a great opportunity to grab the special hardback edition of my RPG, Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur.


If you’re a fan of the Cthulhu Mythos, Cyberpunk, Infection apocalypses, zombies and survival horror, then why not try this much praised role-playing game. It works either as a standalone system or as a setting for your own RPG system.


Hardback version of Yellow Dawn The Age of Hastur

Available exclusively from LULU


Product Link: http://www.lulu.com/shop/david-j-rodger/yellow-dawn-25-special-edition-hardcover/hardcover/product-20012076.html  (Don’t forget Discount Coupon Code 20DEC)


The Earth has been ravaged by viral pathogens, the death of billions observed by the orbital colonies and deep-space habitats that were largely unaffected by the Outbreak. Terrified of infection, nobody came to help. Less than 30 percent survived the first few weeks. Then came the 2nd Wave of infection, spreading steadily outwards from the impact points, and that was when the horror really began… YELLOW DAWN: This book is crammed with everything you will need to create characters, run scenarios and experience horror and adventure in the fictional world of David J Rodger. FEATURES: The Influence of Hastur; Medical theories on the Infection; Zombie surges; Comprehensive scavenging system; Computer hacking and drug abuse; Non-human characters; Enhancements through cyberware and bioware; Weaponry, equipment and armour; Complex political, corporate and quasi-religious tensions; Schools of Elemental Magick, occultism, demonology, and the alien horrors of the Outer Chaos — the Cthulhu Mythos.


An entire universe to discover:

YELLOW DAWN  fits into a raft of novels that are set before and after the apocalyptic event.  In between God Seed and The Black Lake are a number of novels that share and create a common universe for your imagination to roam, enjoy and find new thrills and terrors within. You can find a complete list of my work, including précis and customer reviews, on my official website.




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