Unveiled: New Cover for 3rd Edition of Yellow Dawn

Borja Pindado creates an epic scene of post-apocalyptic action adventure, steeped in the potent mystery and thrill of investigating H.P.Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos

Borja is one of three artists who have been working on the Yellow Dawn project since I started writing the new 3rd edition in January (2015).  With a deal on the table from Modiphius (Achtung! Cthulhu) under their license with Chaosium for Call of Cthulhu products, the 3rd Edition of Yellow Dawn has been written to work alongside CoC 7th Edition rules.

I briefed Borja to create a scene that conveys the idea of the Earth becoming a “new wilderness”, littered with the ruins of Dead Cities where strange and alien horrors now lurk.  I wanted the cover to convey a blend of scavenged military equipment and medieval revivalism.  And beside all this tactical gear, firearms, leather armour and bows, there is the raw awakened power of the Road Mage wielding an old magic.

Dead Cities are where scavengers go to risk their sanity and their mortal life for plunder.  But the world of Yellow Dawn includes a vast, almost limitless range of genre and style of play. From the high-octane, high-technology and low street culture grime of Living Cities with their Cyberpunk glare, through to cautious investigations among rural settlements that cling close to the boundaries of these rare Living Metropolises.  And beyond, into the deep plunge of the unknown New Wilderness, along lonely roads and over rugged terrain, to where survivors have been cut off and isolated for a decade or more, since the apocalyptic event known as Yellow Dawn first struck the Earth and ushered in the Age of Hastur.

Here’s the new cover:

Yellow Dawn The Age of Hastur written by David J Rodger - 3rd edition artwork by Borja Pindado

Learn more about Yellow Dawn here: http://www.davidjrodger.com/yellowdawn.htm

Get your geek on // play games in public places

Bored with the TV? Seen everything that’s on at the cinema or theatre?  Want to do something different with your friends or meet new people and make new friends?  Try board games, card-based games or role-playing games.

  • More people in their 20s are asking “how do I start playing these games?”
  • Playing boardgames in pubs is a great way of socialising – and pubs like it because you’re there buying drinks and food
  • Roleplaying in pubs is feasible if you can acquire use of a quiet room (hunt and you will find).

[][][][][] ~
Before 1981 my idea of gaming was Monopoly, Chess or a weird mathematical version of scrabble called Skirrid.

Skirrid classic boardgame like scrabble but points scored by using shapes

Skirrid boardgame

Late autumn 1981 I’d just turned 11 and had just started a new school. I had to take a train to and from the school every day, 35 minutes each way. It was a bubble world, rammed with kids in uniform – the “cool” sporty kids at the back, fighting, boasting about girls and laughing a lot. The “weird” geeky kids were at the front, either pretending they were driving the train, wrestling with confused feelings about girls or talking about homework.  Sitting on his own one kid had this A4 pad of 5 mm graph paper on his lap, pencils, bizarre shaped dice and some amazing 25 mm lead figures of monsters and heroes.  I had no idea what I was looking at but I was fascinated.  RPG graph paper pencils dice and lead figures - David J Rodger's first experience in 1981 with dungeons and dragons

Enter Dungeons and Dragons and role-playing games into my life.  I soon had my own set of rules, dice and figures, and back home, a couple of the local kids and I started playing it.
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2nd Artist Joins the Yellow Dawn Project with a Post Apocalypse “New Barbarian”

Jason Engle delivers an epic image of a New “Old World” Character – Medievalism in post-apocalyptic future

You may or may not know about YELLOW DAWN – The Age of Hastur. It’s an RPG I wrote during the noughties and published in 2008. Currently running version 2.5, although I am now working towards a 3rd edition, adapting YELLOW DAWN to be used with 7th edition Call of Cthulhu.  This follows Chaosium giving me a green light to proceed with a proposed publishing deal with Modiphius (the folks behind Achtung! Cthulhu).

YELLOW DAWN – The Age of Hastur, is a post-apocalyptic setting for action adventure, survival and Lovecraftian roleplaying, where player characters explore a New Wilderness, investigate the dark machinations of madmen and monsters, unfold high-tech mysteries in the Living Cities, and try to survive in a world that has been changed forever by the Infection.

The re-write for the 3rd Edition started in earnest mid January with an expected launch date for early 2016. I’ve been commissioning artwork for the project, and here’s a piece from the second illustrator to join the team: Jason Engle.  What I love about Jason’s work is his facial techniques.  These are characters that convey something in their look.  The image also highlights the diverse range of gameplay (and story-telling) possible within the Yellow Dawn universe: from Dungeons & Dragons, through Call of Cthulhu into the realms of Cyberpunk and Gamma World.  If you want to read a FREE introduction to Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, you can download the PDF here.

post apocalypse barbarian - artwork by Jason Engle for Yellow Dawn - David J Rodger all rights reserved

Post-apocalyptic Son of Balder – Jason Engle / Yellow Dawn – All Rights Reserved

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