Kickstarter campaign: Shadowstar Corsairs by Ryan Wolfe fully funded and stretch goals smashed

There is still time to get involved in this exciting game of starships, commerce, politics and battle

Shadowstar Corsairs by Ryan Wolfe kickstarter campaign science fiction boardgame based on starships, commerce, politics and combat

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As an independent starship captain granted letters of marque by ConFederation authorities, your job is to outmaneuver or outgun rival captains to prove that you alone should rule the Shadowstar Expanse. Deploy your crew and cargo shuttles to secure strategic positions and harvest vital resources. Invest in improving your ship or hire another to help you out. Reconstruct lost technology, play politics, and fulfill whatever contracts come your way to increase your reputation. It’s time to stake your claim!

As of 19th May 2015, $66,000 USD has been pledged smashing the $39,000 goal. Looks like a good product.

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