Introducing Night of the Damned by Stephen Bywater

Following the success of The Devil’s Ark, Stephen Bywater’s second novel, Night of the Damned, has been published by Headline

Night of the Damned is already winning the author further critical acclaim.

Night Damned by Stephen BywaterNight of the Damned, like The Devil’s Ark, leans towards the supernatural but instead of an archaeological dig in Iraq, the action takes place deep in the Amazon jungle in the 1930s. The setting is loosely based on Henry Ford’s Fordlandia, which was a vast rubber plantation the car magnate founded in the heart of the Brazilian rainforest. It is a tale about immorality and obsession, where very little is as it seems. Labourers begin to disappear and pale, cadaverous figures are glimpsed in the jungle surrounding the settlement. With the story partly inspired by Ford’s own forgotten city it interweaves fact and fiction and leaves the reader with an unsettling vision of a very ‘modern’ hell.

‘It was the setting which first grabbed me,’ said Stephen, ‘the Amazon jungle and the failing rubber plantation. This was quickly followed by wanting to imagine what it would be like to have an automobile magnate’s ability to shape a hostile landscape: the idea that men from Michigan could succeed in forcing the rainforest to bow to logic of the assembly line, that no concession would be made to the climate, pests or diseases, that an American settlement, complete with street lighting, fire hydrants and ice-cream parlour, could be created in amongst the ghost towns which cling to the muddy banks of the Tapajòs.

‘The novel took just over a year to write and what I’ve ended up with is something far more sinister than I intended. Think Heart of Darkness meets The Dawn of the Dead, with Nabakov’s ingénue lurking somewhere in the shadows.


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Dog Eat Dog is a post-apocalyptic crime thriller set in the shared universe of David J Rodger after the event called Yellow DawnDog Eat Dog, two survivors of the apocalyptic event known as Yellow Dawn use violence, corruption and murder to carve out a better life in this radically changed world.  Undying victims of the 2nd pathogen plague the abandoned cities. The living hold out, barricaded from the Infection but never certain when it might break through.  In the wilderness rogue armies swell under the banner of old ideologies bringing war on an epic scale.  The opportunity for glory and gain is abundant. But new monsters are drifting down to take hold of isolated places.

The former Creative Director of Cunning, Floyd Hayes, described Dog Eat Dog as “the best Sci-Fi Horror I’ve read in ten years.”

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