Personal blog: one of those perfect nights

¦ dialling in from the Wild Trapeze cafe ¦

I’m in Heaton, Newcastle Upon Tyne. A few strides away from the street where I grew up, until the age of 9.  The street I was living in when Gary Numan crashed into my world and imagination – 1979.  A man who blends Cyberpunk themes and almost Lovecraftian flavours in some of his tunes. I flew up here two nights ago.  Crashing with Lone Pine.  Yesterday was one of those days you know you’ll remember for a long time.  A solo trip to the North East coast. Walking along the shoreline with William Orbit – “Strange Cargo Hinterland” on my headphones, turned down super low so I could still hear the crash, boom and hiss of the surf.

Back to Heaton. Lone Pine’s place.  A massive Victorian or Edwardian structure with high ceilings and a huge central staircase. Small modern kitchen, cosy, snug, warm.  He cooked up a feast of spag bol. Washed down with red wine.  A few of us there.  Rachel, the 20+ daughter, with her new chap Johnny – a musician.  He played acoustic guitar and sang folk style.  She harmonised.  Very Wicker Man. Very Paul Giovanni – “Gently Johnny”.  More wine flowed.  I gave a mini-performance of Cloudy Head ( a short children’s story for adults).  Rachel performed the Golden Salmon, a fable or myth she had created.  Then Lone Pine pulled out the novel he wrote back in 2007 and read a chapter aloud. Perfect moment.

Lights down low. Put on a jazz album by Chet Baker and let the late hours unravel into the silence of good companions.



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2 thoughts on “Personal blog: one of those perfect nights

  1. Don’t know how I missed this…William Orbit/Hinterland—fantastic! Montok Point is a fave off that album. Do you know Torch Song? I side-project to the Strange Cargo series with female vocalist Laurie Mayer.

    And is that Jaz Coleman at the top of the page?

    All the best, hope things are going well.


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