WiP: now what do I do?

Rocketing out through the end of the big re-write for Yellow Dawn’s 3rd Edition I know I’ve passed a major milestone in the project.  Really good feeling.  Meanwhile, I am fleshing out the ideas for the sequel to Dog Eat Dog, working title Dead Dog Bounty (shoot me if you don’t like it).

Also working on 2 page synopsis for each and every novel. Nine of them!  Gak!!! It is not easy boiling 70,000+ words down to a few paragraphs.

Also working with one of the Yellow Dawn 3e artists on final tranche of commissioned artwork and prepping for getting into the joy of layout.

I’m also prepping to start converting a couple of existing Yellow Dawn scenarios (2nd Edition) into the 3rd Edition (CoC 7e) format.



2 thoughts on “WiP: now what do I do?

  1. Congrats on your milestone, David.

    And of course, my vote is for getting to work on the D-E-D sequel PRONTO!


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