Derek Neville’s latest book launching at Inkshares

Like Mary says in her blog, I love love this idea of Inkshares. A kind of kick-starter for authors. I may have to give this a go myself

Seeking Salvation? Well, you better head over to Inkshares to grab your copy of author Derek Neville’s latest novel.

If you haven’t heard of Inkshares, here’s how it works: It’s similar to Kickstarter but specifically for novels. Authors upload chapters & a synopsis, set a publishing goal and the reading public can purchase pre-orders.

Once the book reaches it’s supporter goal, the book is published. Authors can also post extra chapters, cover art, sneak peeks and other goodies to entice readers to pre-order their book.

But this isn’t a one-way street. Readers can comment on uploaded chapters and start a dialogue with the authors as to what’s working, what they love about the work and how they’d like to see it unfold.

Once the pre-order goal is reached, the book goes into production, and Inkshares edits, produces, distributes, and markets the book for its authors.

I love this…

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