WiP: YD3e – The World of YD (Chapter) – Black Powder

I am having fun (actually!) working through review crew feedback on the massive final chapter: The World of Yellow Dawn. Describing and defining Living Cities, Rural Support Zones and the new Wilderness. Just added this block of text… if you’re a gun enthusiast or military bod, feel free to give thumbs-up or slam me down for errors.


In the Wilderness most ammunition is now handmade and so always in short supply, and because it is very hard to get the precursor chemicals for modern propellants, people are falling back on old gun-power. Poor quality propellant clogs modern precision made firearms and so increases the chance of a misfire or jam. It’s another reason why crossbows and new “old world” weapons are so popular.
There are some perfectly good 19th century black powder repeaters. Weapons along the lines of Winchester carbines and 44.40 Colt revolvers are being resurrected by enterprising orbital and Living Cities corporations eager to capitalise on a new market.
Cartridges and percussion caps are manufactured relatively easily with reliable supply of brass coming from the CRC. Shipped out of a Living City, they are loaded-up at the local industry level (precise balance scales, sizing dies and a press).

Snippet of daily thoughts: More low grey cloud. Spending the morning in the Sky Bunker. Have we actually had a summer yet? Either seems to be murky or bright yet windy. I had to click on life support earlier. Maybe it’s just this house. Cold. I’m looking forward to some awesome Mac & Cheese at Pieminster later combined with a rendezvous with old Comradski (Mr GL) from Arnolfini days (1997+). Later hooking up with the very Reverend Malty to discuss a building project over alcohol – expect interesting results.



2 thoughts on “WiP: YD3e – The World of YD (Chapter) – Black Powder

  1. I’m far from a military buff, but as far as I can tell, it sounds legitimate to me. I could easily see revolvers in particular taking off as the ‘go to’ gun in those regions, because of just how reliable they are, especially when compared to more delicate weapons. Definitely like the idea.

    …even if it does give me an unfortunate “Cowboys vs Aliens” vibe. Ah hah…

    • Morning Ben! Thanks for the feedback. Good to know it holds true. Cowboys vs Aliens (of the Outer Chaos) doesn’t sound so bad until those pesky characters try using a revolve on Shub-Niggurath. Mwhahaha *evil laugh*
      Thanks again.

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