Synthetic form, hyper-reality objects for the Cyberspace of tomorrow

Josef Schulz creates structural composites of real life that leave the mind uneasy and disoriented – welcome to the landscape of tomorrow’s children

Synthetic Form - Hyper reality objects for the Cyberspace of tomorrow - image Josef Schulz

Colour * Form – hallmarks of Josef Schulz

Born in Bischofsburg, Schulz now lives and works in Düsseldorf.  His work with synthetic, perfected form, abuts perfectly onto the role of Dijims, and their fusion of innovative photography, digital design and virt engineering (click for more data).  His work  combines real, photographic components into scenes that map onto our brain’s perception of reality – only to leave us frowning with an Escher-like state of confusion. These are not places that exist in an organic – chaotic – universe.

With Schulz, details that might allow conclusions concerning the true size, function, time or place of a buildings are stripped away.  Schulz leaves the subjects of his focus changed, so they appear to become blueprints designed for a place of digital perfection.  There is a heavy orientation towards colour and shape.


Schulz opts for an approach that is diametrically opposed to that of producers of digital images – to make the rendering of artificial pictures appear as real as possible – Thomas Ruff


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