WiP: YD3e, last chapter for feedback changes

YD 3rd Edition. Just starting to work through the final PDF of feedback / change requests from review crew. It’s for the chapter called The World of Yellow Dawn and is a major scene setter and library of detailed information. 59 pages long and crammed with yellow post-it notes. This may take me some time. But, it IS the last one (for now).

Snippet of daily thought: Cafe du Jour. Another overcast morning. Grey light, not unpleasant. A bit like sitting inside of a Tupperware box. Coffee and croissant whilst I plan the day and continue working through YD. The city is recovering from a weekend long harbour festival. It was particularly good this year. Seagulls looking smug: flying rats munching through the debris as an army of street cleaners do a good job.  // A new novel idea – Dead Dog Bounty continues to evolve. Everyone wants to know what happened to Mikhail Drobna (major character in Dog Eat Dog).  Tragan empire.  Conflict and war from New Tokyo up to the survivor settlements in what was once New England.  A post-apocalyptic vipers nest of politics and criminals feeding off the remains of Earth.  It’s going to be another epic.


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