Personal blog: Cooper would say… and Cloudy Head gets a mention

¦ dialling in from the harbourside ¦

My sister just brought me an Americano made by her fair hand. If I was Agent Cooper I’d be saying those words right now. D*F*C*o*C!

Agent Dale Cooper and a damn fine cup of coffee - Twin Peaks

Agent Dale Cooper approves

She’s working where I’m writing – killing time and saving coin before resuming her global safari.

I had a lovely experience last night. After a small performance at Let Me Tell You A Story Jack – open mic night – a young woman came up to me and asked: “Did you write Cloudy Head?”
I was taken aback. I confirmed I did.
She beamed: “I thought it was you when you got up. I saw you perform it last December. Loved it – and I think about it often.”

Nice to be recognised!

CLOUDY HEAD is actually an illustrated short story (art by Kenn-Ole Moen). It is one of 15 shorts that comprise the popular collection Songs of Spheres. Click here for more info.


Cloudy Head is a spooky story for children by David J Rodger

Cloudy Head is a spooky heart-felt story for children and adults

Work in progress. Just finished the penultimate chunk of feedback / change requests from review crew. Dead Cities and Dead Zones – done! One more chapter left. Meanwhile, finally found a graphic designer to work with on typography and layout. The guy’s a gamer so was able to nail what I wanted almost on his first scamps. Über impressed. Now putting together final chunk of briefs for artwork for B to do in August. Slowly, the bits come together.


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