WiP: YD3e Dead Cities – Dead Zones

Work in Progress

Yellow Dawn 3rd Edition. Ah. Melting my brain on review crew feedback for the Dead City / Dead Zone Chapter. Specifically the mechanics for characters moving through these areas on foot or in vehicles – and subsequent risk of attracting attention of the Infected, triggering “zombie surges” and succumbing to the Influence of Hastur. Refining, tweaking, ensuring the GM gets the flow at their fingertips – no more flicking back and forth between different sections and chapters. Keep the momentum going for these terrifying scenes.

whale sculpture at Bristol Millennium Square photo David J Rodger

Whale escapes Bristol underground – image DJR

Snippet of daily  thought: Another day. Harbourside location. Coffee and croissants. Avocado and cherry tomato mash on toast. Working on YD 3rd edition. Warm, overcast and sticky. One whale bursting from concrete. Lingering thoughts of the wonderful movie I saw last night at Watershed Cinema. Slow West (2015). Michael Fassbender brilliance. I’m looking forward to this weekend’s festival.

Slow West (2015) poster Michael Fassbender, Ben Mendelsohn, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Caren Pistorius - fantastic indie film 5 star movie

Slow West (2015) poster – 5 star movie


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