Feast your eyes on this – Yellow Dawn RPG article grabs headline in latest issue of Forever Folio


Ezine for the indy RPG publisher Forever People

I’m very pleased by this. A lengthy and in-depth article that includes artwork, background details on the world of Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur and a full interview with me by Dave Sharrock. Take a peek.

Download now (click)

Cover of Forever Folio - issue 3 July 2015 featuring headline article about Yellow Dawn - The Age of Hastur by science fiction dark fantasy author David J Rodger

Cover of Forever Folio Issue 3

This issue:

Yellow Dawn – Modiphius prepare to bring David J Rodger’s awesome mythos-inspired post-apocalypse nightmare for CoC7e into the light of day.

Fighting Fantasy Special! – celebrating the master brand of FRP gamebooks, with a look at Jonathan Green’s book You Are the Hero and J P Montgomery’s graphic novel adaptation of Steve Jackson’s The Trolltooth Wars.

The Unsung Weave – a full serialized campaign setting for the Wyrd game with the third adventure in the series taking players into the northlands of Listholm in search of the missing duchess Coriola

EVPreview – a teaser for this month’s free EVP adventure – Smoke & Mirra’s Magic World.

Download now (click)pay what you want!


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