WiP: YD3e – Vehicles, Tables, Data

Back into the thick of it with 3rd edition YD. Working through tedious chapter of vehicles, tables and data, adjusting everything to fit with CoC7e. I may have to poke party candles into my ears to remain enthused today. Wish me luck.

Snippet of daily thoughts. City bathed in sunlight. Transformation from yesterday’s wild rain and wind; tho was rather lovely spending most of day up in Sky Bunker whilst the weather raged around the glass canopy beside my head. Epic session of boardgames last night (Car Wars card game followed by Dominion); couple of random blokes walked into the bar and said, “we want to play” so we shuffled along and created room for them to join in. Gotta love gaming in public places. Looking forward to bright and breezy moments in the harbour today.


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