Personal Blog: the Mood ends after 11 days

¦ dialling in from Tvrđava Španjola overlooking Hvar Town ¦

The Mood arrived on a Friday afternoon before I headed to the airport to jump on a click-and fly flight to Newcastle. This was the 1983 flavour, one of two types that pervade my sense of smell, taste and emotional “mood”; the other is the 1989 flavour which is more euphoric.

’83 starts with the smell of burnt cheese and evolves into burned vanilla, petering out over the final days.  It’s been a good one.

Right now I am sitting in the Španjola Fortress on top of a hill overlooking Hvar Town and the old harbour.  It’s morning. Islands litter the horizon, breaking up the vistas of blue sky and blue sea. Breakwaters crash across sandy beaches. Sunlight catches the aquamarine shallows. Temperature is rising towards 27c.

I arrived Saturday afternoon to a thunder and lightning storm that shook the gods in their thrones of cloudstone.  After weeks of relentless progress with the 3rd edition, the abrupt change of track into chill out mode left me in a strange state of mind. Adrenaline surges kept me awake for 2 nights before I finally settled into a new groove. Meanwhile, I’ve started fleshing out notes for the novel based on the epic, globe-spanning campaign book for Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, a campaign called Shadows of the Quantinex. Where characters discover what caused the event known as Yellow Dawn to happen, have a chance for retribution and can attempt to stop the next hammer blow against humanity from agents of the Great Old Ones and Outer Gods. But most of my days are spent lounging by the sea with drinks on tap from the staff that drift down regularly to see what you need.  Evenings in Hvar Town with Miss G.

Have met some interesting folks. Lots of Norwegians, Americans and Canadians. A couple from San Diego who sold everything to travel the world for a year in order to build up “nomadic recipes” for a cookbook at the end; staying with local families where possible, to learn their ways of cooking. Last night encountered a deputy district attorney from LA and her two grown up kids – we drank, talked and laughed the sunlight hours away. Late night walk back to hotel with moonlight reflecting off water as smooth as black glass.  Croatia is a fantastic country.  Proper write-up and pics soon.

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