WiP: YD3e – combat and drugs

YD 3rd edition. Feel like I am on the home straight. Yesterday I finished the combat chapter. Lots of optional pieces that COC7e players can use or ignore, but if they have characters operating in the badlands of Yellow Dawn then violence is very likely. I’ve re-written everything into the CoC7e system language and they all hang off the CoC7e combat mechanics, but, like I said, with some optional extras that existing YD players will be very familiar with.

I’ve done a lot of streamlining so that any combat will be much quicker, plus less flipping between different sections of the book for different rules. Yesterday also saw me blast through drugs chapter: medical, performance boosters and military combat drugs. That’s all with the review crew now.

I’ve got a meeting today with Ms EB to review her latest concepts for typography and layout of the 3rd edition. Also looking forward to picking up the final versions of artwork from Jason Engle: he’s been working on The Changed, Infected, Warrior Orcs and Carbons. I’ll drop sneak peeks here later.

Snippet of daily thoughts: Early morning sunlight the colour of cold gold. Cool breeze shifting green leaves in random patterns. I get glimpses of the city ahead of me, in the distance, through low ravines of Bristol housing that weave and wind down all these hills. There’s a haze with distance.

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the 1983 edition of Car Wars (strip of paper for road, cardboard pieces for vehicles and mines). It’s winging its way towards me through the post.

The Mood is still with me. My little phase of sensory ghosts. A smell, a flavour, a mood. It arrived Friday last week as I was heading off to Newcastle and quickly evolved into a full blown episode. Love it. Weird, but wonderful. It colours… everything.


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