Sneak peek at stunning new artwork from Jason Engle for 3rd edition of Yellow Dawn: genetically engineered Carbons

Carbons: Genetically engineered human clones designed by corporations for service sector and forced to consume Zone every day or die

Carbons - genetically engineered humans in the post-apocalyptic RPG Yellow Dawn - The Age of Hastur by David J Rodger - Image Jason Engle copy

Carbon – art by Jason Engle

Artwork for the 3rd edition of the post-apocalyptic, Cyberpunk and Cthulhu Mythos role-playing game “YELLOW DAWN – The Age of Hastur“.

This is a sneak peek, a cropped sample of the full page image I commissioned from illustrator Jason Engle.  It shows a Carbon clutching a carton of Zone.  The Carbon is also wearing a HTMD – a holographic touch matrix displa, a technology now commonplace in Living Cities, even in this post-apocalyptic era, and first introduced just before the event known as Yellow Dawn took place.  You can read about HTMD development within the pre-YD novel, EDGE.


A genetically modified, cloned-human workforce with an evolving problem for corporate employers – Ascendancy. Normally encountered in New Tokyo and Space.

Carbons are an evolutionary step-change for humanity. With superior strength, constitution and dexterity they are literally super-human. Cloned from customised genomes, Carbons are grown specifically to be a slave workforce, particularly within assembly lines and prominent service-franchises, such as chain restaurants and check-outs. There are limited variants used in heavy physical labour and the sex-industry but the space-based political party, the UDP, is currently challenging the production of these; it should be noted that all corporations producing Carbons have remained members of the UTOC (United Table of Commerce).

A growing number are finding their way into Living Cities across the globe, but only within large corporate owned businesses that have logistical support from orbit.

Carbons are placid, polite and able to maintain a simple conversation, although only regarding subjects they have been conditioned to be familiar with: the weather, how good business is, menu choices, and perhaps topical subjects of the moment. Subjects of which they have no experience prompt an auto-savant response of a smile followed by an apology.

Carbons are not allowed to have a life. They alternate between work and rest, with only 4 hours sleep a night. They can’t metabolise human food and rely on a daily dose of a substance called ‘Zone’ to keep them alive. Going more than 24 hours without Zone results in unavoidable hibernation followed a few days later by a swift death, molecular disintegration and dissolution into a fine powder.

Draconian management disciplines reinforce a Carbon’s chemically-suppressed intelligence and create a fear-culture about asking too many questions regarding their existence and rights. They are comparable to well-behaved children, with adult bodies.

Carbons do have minds, regardless of what the manufacturers claim. They can and do think, although for them, their experience of life is like living in a haze of mild confusion. Thinking is difficult. Which is okay, some would say, when their server Carbons are pouring a café latte, or their sex Carbons are giving senior management a classy blow job, or worker Carbons are smashing up rubble to reinforce protective boundaries around New Tokyo’s Infection Free Zones.

A growing number of Carbons have been abducted from the stores, fast-food bars and other service industries they work and live within. All within New Tokyo. They then re-appear, hiding within society, fully Ascendant. i.e. with incredible Intelligence and learning. The restrictions on their education and intelligence are removed, and they’ve been force fed enough knowledge and basic survival skills to cope with living as free individuals.

Ascended Carbons are the focus of a serious political interplay; the target of FaBIAN (Flesh & Blood Immediate Action Now) assassination squads; and victims of social stigma.

Learn more in the 3rd Edition rulebook (currently in development)…

YELLOW DAWN – The Age of Hastur is an RPG I wrote during the noughties and published in 2008. Currently in 2nd edition ( 2.5) I am now working towards a 3rd edition, adapting YELLOW DAWN to be used with 7th edition Call of Cthulhu. This follows Chaosium giving me a green light to proceed with a proposed publishing deal with Modiphius (the folks behind Achtung! Cthulhu).

YELLOW DAWN – The Age of Hastur, is a post-apocalyptic setting for action adventure, survival and Lovecraftian roleplaying, where player characters explore a New Wilderness, investigate the dark machinations of madmen and monsters, unfold high-tech mysteries in the Living Cities, and try to survive in a world that has been changed forever by the Infection.

If you want to read a FREE introduction to Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, you can download the PDF here.

YELLOW DAWN 3rd Edition will allow Call of Cthulhu players to drop their scenarios into the post-apocalyptic horror and action adventures of my novels.

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