WiP: YD3e, healing & surgery done, combat now

YD 3rd edition. Totally nailed healing and surgery yesterday. Batted it out to the review crew and made a start on the combat chapter. Most of it stripped out so as not to clash with CoC7e systems but keeping some sections as optional extras. Have totally reworked the idea of hit-locations, armour and cover and concealment to make it very fast flowing. // Had a video call with Mr Hollywood earlier this week. Great catch-up to review the idea of the Yellow Dawn movie. He’s now into writing the treatment. Good feeling.

Snippet of daily thoughts: Sunlight. Where does the time go. I’ve spent days up here in the Sky Bunker, barely leaving – stepping out for food or a nocturnal rendezvous. Hours blurring through periods of activity and polyphasic sleep. Making good progress. Stepping onto a flight tonight – few days of down time, rest brain.


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