WiP: YD3e – continuing with healing, medicine, surgery

Having fun with healing and surgery. Focus is to speed up combat and make the idea of recovery more film-esque, scenes of drama and tension as characters seek better medical treatment for wounded buddies. However, I need to keep in mind the acute dangers of the post-apocalyptic world of YD. And the ease of violence. Characters need the options to survive. They might just have to fight for it.

Snippet of daily thoughts: Heavy skies, squally gusts battering the Sky Bunker, rain streaking across the glass canopy. Distant hills faded to white and merging with the stormy mass beyond. Coffee and life support provide the counterpoise. Looking forward to a meeting with EB later to review her concepts for layout and typography of 3rd edition. Then an evening rendezvous with my favourite murder suspect.


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