WiP: YD3e – bioware baby

YD 3rd edition. Had to start hacking into another chapter on “healing and surgery” as I work through Cyberware & Bioware implants. Massive change to bioware tech, bringing it into line with my Gene Twister concept (street drug for body enhancers) that I first used in the Bristol based cyberpunk horror novel Living in Flames. Bioware is now about developing complex genetically engineered payloads, that the technicians delivers to a subject – and tweaks them to grow inside the subject, recombining with their DNA. Creating good justification for high price of such mods too.

Snippet of daily thoughts: Listening to Ecstasy by New Order https://youtu.be/e3JkqeMIh6Q and aware of the clouds lifting away from the Sky Bunker. Quality of light changing. Blue sky, high clouds; strong winds coming.  Looking forward to board games and good pub food tonight.


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