WiP: YD3e AI, Computers and Recorded Mind States

Aiming to finish another chapter (17) of YD 3rd edition today – working through AI, recorded mind states and computer systems. Lots to draw from the recent novel Oakfield for that. Got a video call EOP today with the US screenwriter working on the YD movie / status and progress check.

Snippet of daily thoughts: Grey. Beautiful, heavy grey. Solid cloud mass so low it is scraping the tips of distant hills. The Sky Bunker is oozing atmosphere. Love it. // Had a blissful moment heading downstairs earlier, the smell of freshly brewed coffee (thank you Sharky for my octagonal coffee god) growing stronger as I descended. A new day starting. New words to work on. // Crazy dream last night. A big magnesium fireball tearing across sky, then a white object fell from the clouds and came down near the city – too close! Horrible loud rumble and roar and an expanding shock wave tearing up everything… coming towards me, I am running downstairs in a mad panic to find cover… this – is – it! Boom {woke up}.


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