WiP: YD3e – another chapter finished

Good progress with 3rd edition of Yellow Dawn yesterday. Nailed the chapter on robots, cyborgs, drones and MBU. Had a lot of fun with it, streamlining everything to make it much easier for GMs and players to drop these things into a game without needing to learn a bunch of extra rules. Now with review crew. Already deep into next chapter… progress good.

Snippet of daily thoughts: Day 3 of Man Flu. I was blowing bubbles from my nose yesterday. Attractive. Not sure if I’m still ill or just hungover from last night (opening night of “Monster Slice of Funk” exhibition by Poppy Reid). Rainy light is spilling in through the glass canopy beside my head. Life support is blowing warm air across my legs. I nailed another chapter on the 3rd edition YD, now with review crew. Already deep into another one. Looking forward to a lunchtime rendezvous before dedicating my afternoon to harbour walking (thinking time required) and cooking up a mean chilli for tonight’s special event.


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