Is this the best 80s Dance Track ever Produced?

COLM III – You Take Me High (LSD Re-Edit)

Malcolm Heath and Mike Evans, of Ruby Red Records, joined forces to create Colm III. Released in 1987 it has that tell-tale back beat and bass which defines the era of Chicago style house music.  This was just on the cusp of Acid House storming through the UK underground dance scene, a period that brings on my very fondest nocturnal memories of finding myself outside random locations with a bunch of strangers in hooded tops, waiting for a dude to turn up in a car or on a bike, to tell us where the party was going to be.  Anyway, this track takes me right back to the prelude to that time.  Very uplifting and euphoric.  And this is a great re-mix.


  • Video Vault – The Max Headroom Show – 80s pop music vids: episode 1 (click)

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