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Not a fan yet? You should be. Try Oakfield now at a fantastic introductory price.  This offer ends soon.

Oakfield, the new release from David J Rodger has launched to rave reviews.  It is being described as a “gateway” book – with the science fiction and horror elements dialled back.  People who would not ordinarily consider this type of fiction for reading are discovering a whole new crossover genre to explore and enjoy.  Oakfield is for the fans.


Oakfield is a new science fiction horror novel and good book to read by David J Rodger

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If you’ve been hesitating to buy one of my books – wondering whether or not to try, then now is the absolute time for a taste. This popular novel is available for a fantastic price of only  99p or  $1.48 on Amazon Kindle. Even better, you don’t even need to own a Kindle to enjoy it. Just use their Free Kindle Content Reader (online) and job done.

Good books are hard to find. Shop now and make your best discovery today. You’ve nothing to lose and maybe a new favourite to gain.

Here’s what some readers have to say about Oakfield:

“David’s J Rodger’s writing is atmospheric, with a brilliant dark narrative and wonderful characters. This book is fantastic and a must read.”
– Sarah Eddy


“Best book I have read in a long while. A brilliantly gripping book right from the first paragraph. Rodger is up there with the master authors.”
– Box Clever


“Five Stars: Creepy, Unputdownable. A Glimpse into the unknown. Oakfield is an amazing and engrossing read.”
– Angela Brooks


“Solid slice of modern Lovecraftian horror. Recommended!”
– Dr Rob Lowe


Oakfield Cover

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