WiP: YD3e – cyborgs, mecha, cerebral codex

Lost half my day yesterday to … “stuff”, it feels like. Got briefs sent out to Ms EB for layout and typography on the 3rd edition of YD. Dialled-in a black and white pen and ink chap to what I was hoping for. Slow progress with the tail end of this current chapter – cyborgs, Mecha and Cerebral Codex. I press on.

Snippet of daily thoughts: Sun! Got that wintery gold thing going on. View from the Sky Bunker is lovely: vast expanse of blue sky, with enormous cloud formations the size of Imperial Battle Cruiser drifting over hills and a sea of greenery, trees flexing in stampede of freezing gusts… the City, over to the other side, painted in light. Nice. I woke up during the night. Padded downstairs to get a glass of water. Full moon. Alabaster light flooding the rooms at the back through every window. I went up to each floor and savoured the way the moon transformed the house. There is a certain magic in the air at times like this.


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