Personal blog: Man Flu and Future Ways

¦ dialling in from the sky bunker ¦

Got a feeling like my head is packed full of cotton wool. Not entirely unpleasant, just hard to think. Am making good progress with 3rd edition, feel like I shrugged off that feeling of going slightly mad that dominated April. I think meeting up with people during the day on a regular basis helps to offset what happens to your brain when you spend every day working in a fantasy world.

I did a hike through Goblin Combe with Miss G this weekend. I’ve not been there since 2004.   Interesting to go back, comparing  the “who I was then” to the who I am now. Lots has happened in the last 11 years. Goblin Combe is also a location for one of the novels slowly simmering in the background – Sunder Gloom, which features a return of the some of the horror that first surfaced in Bristol in the novel Living in Flames.

Coming back to the city from the hike we dropped into Brigstow Lounge where James Morton was delivering a 3 hour sax session with a small band and amazing vocals.  Great way to unwind. Comfy seats and a cold drink.  Nice random moment when James brought over somebody who wanted to meet me, a fan of my work – I got to do an impromptu book signing.

Met up with the bloke behind Future Ways, who commissioned me and several other authors to each write 5 very short stories around the Redcliffe development for Dream of a Shadow project.  The stories are placed on a digital layer around the physical location, here in Bristol, and accessed via QR Codes. It’s a way of re-envisioning a physical space and place.

Here’s a couple of pics:

David J Rodger with QRcode giving access to one part of Redcliffe Requiem in Bristol - organised by the Dream of a Shadow Project for Future Ways

David J Rodger with QRcode giving access to one part of Redcliffe Requiem

These were the planet's final moments - Redcliffe Requiem QR Code for Future Ways project, a short story by Science Fiction Dark Fantasy author David J Rodger

These were the planet’s final moments – Redcliffe Requiem QR Code

That’s it.



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