Oakfield is a Gateway into Sci Fi Dark Fantasy

You don’t need to be a fan of science fiction to enjoy this book but you might become one by the end

Djr at launch party for Oakfield

Djr at launch party for Oakfield

Although science fiction and dark fantasy are both bleeding further into the popular imagination there is still a common belief that these genres are niche interests, with fans and products marginalised against the bulwarks of mass fiction.

Reviews of my latest novel, Oakfield, are highlighting an interesting fact – that the book has a large appeal to readers who might not normally consider trying science fiction or what they consider to be horror.

The novelist Angela Brooks wrote: “Set in the near future, [Oakfield] mixes Gothic horror with futuristic monsters whose extraterrestrial cruelties leave the reader gasping for breath. As the story’s characters develop and the problems facing them seem insurmountable I challenge you to try to put this book down! Recommended for Sci-fi and non sci-fi fans alike, David J Rodger has created a fascinating glimpse into the unknown, and has wound together family problems, romance, and horror. Fantastic!

Floyd Hayes, CEO of The World’s Fastest Agency, wrote: “The story centers on a house, Oakfield, and a group people and their collective journey from attempted familiar healing to a (losing) battle for sanity and the fate of the universe.  Big, crazy themes brought into believable focus through a human lens. Rodger dials the Sci-Fi and horror back for the first part of the book.  He takes time to build characters and explore the knotted ties that bind them.  The dynamics of the family are nuanced and fascinating, not least because I see he has mined his own heart-felt, life changing experiences to develop the family backstory and create believable tension between the main characters.  This is perhaps his most personal work.  He presents an accomplished and entertaining family drama.  The Sci-Fi aspects are glimpsed at but never over-played.  We know the main character, James, is a former PARC (mecha) operator who is beaten to death during a military tour, only to be resurrected via a back-up chip which is introduced into a cloned body.  He can’t be 100% sure if what he is seeing is real or simulated. This has delicious flavor of Phillip K Dick.

Another fan has compared the mood of the novel to Alfred Hitchcock’s work, writing: “Oakfield kept me reading every night. I love the way each character comes to life with a few swift strokes of gritty narrative, and keeps you wanting to know more. [Like] Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest (the slow cranking of suspicion and tension until a sudden release). Oakfield is an essential book for every fan.

There you have it.  You don’t have to be a fan of science fiction to enjoy this book. And don’t let the idea of horror turn you away.  Try it yourself or recommend Oakfield to friends you know enjoy reading.

You might find yourself more than pleasantly surprised and discover there is an entire universe of really great stories out there, they’re just wrapped in different technology and alternative views on society and culture.

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Oakfield a supernatural thriller set in Cornwall England by David J Rodger critics call it a gateway into science fiction and horror

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Oakfield - sneak preview of novel cover of new release by science fiction dark fantasy author David J Rodger

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