Personal Blog: After the Launch

¦ dialling in from the Sky Bunker ¦

Arctic weather front has brought the temperature right down today. Life support on full blast up here in my study.  Gold sunlight sloping in through the glass canopy. Lovely.

Very productive day yesterday – good progress on the overhaul of Yellow Dawn as I work on the 3rd edition. Looking forward to a slightly easier pace today – got an interview this afternoon regarding some fiction I was commissioned to write, and meeting a freelancer who is (hopefully) going to handle layout and typography for YD3e.

Played Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene downstairs this morning, during the first mug of tea ritual. Such a great sound. Evocative. Memories of 1989 and early 1990, Osborne Avenue, working on 1st draft of Oakfield. Adam / Grassy / Richy – the whole Jesus Mound Village Vibe. The novel is doing exceptionally well. Thanks to everyone who has been bigging it up and boosting my signal. Much appreciated.

Crazy to think how long that book has taken to write.  How much has happened. And how we have all changed – but glad to say I still know the key people who were a part of my life back then.  Some pics above showing me, Adz, Richy and Grassy, plus the room I had in Osborne Avenue (another roof conversion!) where I wrote the bulk of Oakfield first time round.  It’s been pleasing for them to see me finally finish it.  Oakfield ties a lot of things together.

David J Rodger reading from Oakfield at launch party, April 2015

David J Rodger reading from Oakfield at launch party, April 2015

So where are we now? April 2015.  I’m due to start work again at the end of July. Just over a year out.  I don’t think I’d have been able to pull of a 3rd edition of YD, with all the artwork and re-engineering core systems, on top of finishing Oakfield, editing and launching, if I had been holding down a career at the same time.  It has been fantastic, edged with moments of personal darkness – me, getting lost inside my own head, day after day of working in fantasy – fiction and games. A weird existence, eh?

The plan now is to get a first draft of the YD 3rd edition finished by end of May. Get a cheeky copy without formating printed up and let the game guys play test it on our weekly Tuesday night sessions. Work on any tweaks, allow the artists to finish their work, put everything together and then start engaging with Mike Mason at Chaosium and Chris at Modiphius for the final review / editorial process. I’m really excited by the alliance with CoC7e: fantastic engine for quick narrative style roleplaying and it adds to the Yellow Dawn experience rather than taking anything away.

That’s it.

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