Magick / Occult in Yellow Dawn – 3rd Edition

Just finished writing the 3rd edition version of this section of Yellow Dawn.  CoC7e does not have an occult magick system.  So this is purely optional for players who want to adopt it. It’s an important aspect in the world of my fiction, because of my use of Quantisphere separating our reality from the Outer Chaos (The Cthulhu Mythos). It’s similar to the way Quantum physics and classic macro physics work together on some levels but at a certain point, there is an invisible dividing line.

It’s also important as I align YD – The Age of Hastur, which takes place 10 years after the apocalyptic event known as Yellow Dawn, with the YD – Dragomir, which takes place 10,000 years later (still very much a fluid concept but it’s there on my event horizon).

I’ve streamlined the Occult rules. Bringing in the lovely freeflow narrative style of CoC7e where everything is Regular, Hard or Extreme.  Maybe some penalty dice. Maybe some bonus dice.  Big changes to the way you learn operations (spells).  Learning is hard – and dangerous! Giving more reason to use the schools of elemental magick (removal of penalty dice due to potent protective wards and benefit of locations with aura to generate magick points for burning in practice).

Once you learn an operation then basically you don’t need to make a dice roll to do it – unless trying to hit somebody (with a magickal projectile) or trying to influence their will (opposed roll). In all cases, any roll is based on your POW – rather than some sort of separate skill in each operation.

There’s an ad hoc sorcery system for folks who want to make up their own operations. Now with my review crew for final edit.

Meanwhile, more artwork coming through from Borja for the 3rd edition:

Post Apocalyptic Magick and Occult in Yellow Dawn The Age of Hastur by David J Rodger - image by Borja - all rights reserved

Acolytes of the Left Hand Path



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