Introducing Sean Kavanagh

Sound bites from the author of “They Came For Our Eyes”

Sean Kavanagh has launched They Came For Our Eyes: a collection of horror and science fiction tales, charting the dark worlds of space, and the future horrors here on Earth. If you’re a fan of The Twilight Zone or John Carpenter films, then these tales are for you.

They Came for Our Eyes by sean kavanagh

They Came for Our Eyes – horror and science fiction by Sean Kavanagh

Available on Kindle:

Sean Kavanagh bought the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy when he was very young and was instantly addicted to books, especially science fiction and horror.   When he got older, he ended up working in commercials and TV by accident, but always thought he should have been an author – so he’s taking steps to set that right.

I asked him some questions:

DJR: Where are you with your writing at the moment?
SK:  I’m writing three things: a crime novella, a sci fi novella and spy novel (which is quite offbeat and set in the 1970).

DJR: What are you planning to achieve next and long term?
SK: At the moment I am deep into editing the novels and novellas (I hate editing, but it’s part of the process I guess…).  Long term, I hope that I can establish both a science fiction and a spy fiction series to explore my interests in. I’ve also been asked to write the story for a graphic novel, but I’m still working on that, as I’m less familiar with comics.

DJR: How do you intend to get there?
SK: The novellas are my calling cards for the upcoming novels – I realise people like a constant stream of fiction today, so hopefully I can draw people in with the novellas.

DJR: What is driving you as a writer?
SK: It’s bit of a dull answer, but I do it because I love it.  I love reading, and I write for my own amusement, which hopefully will appeal to others.  I have an overactive brain, and writing is good for that – like trepanning for the imagination.

DJR: Any tips or techniques you want to share?
SK: Make sure you publish in the correct place. I now realise that Kindle isn’t perhaps the best place for short stories (though I’ve been lucky and started selling them to online sci-fi magazine instead).  The other thing I think I’ve learnt in the last year is don’t be afraid to dump a story if it isn’t working – no matter how much you love the theme – sometimes it just doesn’t show up in the writing.  And read. Read lots.

That’s it. Take a peek on Kindle for his work:


And follow him on Twitter for updates on his work-in-progress: @BookishChap


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3 thoughts on “Introducing Sean Kavanagh

  1. I’ve read Fiction on Foreign Planets 1 and 2 as well as They Came For Our Eyes and thought they were wonderful! I dig short story anthologies and Sean definitely delivers.

  2. many thanks to David for putting this together – it’s cool to know that there are other people writing and reading with the same smile on their face – words are addictive….

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