WiP: YD3e magick / occult system

Sitting in the Sky Bunker with first mug of coffee of the day. If I stand up and gaze out the glass canopy beside my head I can see the city in one direction and the dense green tangle of hills in another – everything painted in the gold light of a morning sun.

Great progress with magick / occult system for YD3e yesterday – slow going though. More of the same today but at least I am surrounded by people in these cafes and the harbour vibe – sunlight and the chink-chink-chink of masts in the cool breeze.

I am loving the conversion using Call of Cthulhu 7th edition. It brings a huge burst of fresh energy into YD and I am looking forward to the fast flow of narrative story telling, without dice rolls controlling every detail – a different way of playing for me.


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